Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adventures at a Harris Teeter

From the husband....

So, for all of you who follow Missy’s blog, you know that I don’t contribute very often. But when I witness the “Queen” in action, it’s often too hard not to take note. I’m sure you have realized that it’s HOT here in Carolina lately. There are all these scientific reasons that the news reporters will talk about for much too long, but if you want to know the real reason......I witnessed it today.

We stopped in at a local Harris Teeter, but not ….”Our Harris Teeter”, (there is a difference).  When the order was totaled, Missy noticed that her e-vic specials didn’t ring up correctly. Missy politely questioned the cashier about the transaction, and this is where the fun began, (at least for me).

At first the cashier said, “your card isn’t registered for e-vic!”. Then she started questioning how Missy signed up for e-vic, and how long ago, (obviously doubting that we knew what we were talking about). Then she started telling the “Queen” that she couldn’t be on e-vic, and started to explain to us what e-vic was. … I wanted to say, … (as if we were royalty), … “do you know who you are talking to?” But, in an ever so calm manner, Queenie just said okay, picked up her items and walked over to customer service. (Granted I was a lot hotter about this than Missy, but as usual, …. I just stood in the background and watched). The checkout woman stood there with her register locked, like there was going to be a second coming for a good 5 minutes before she realized that we were done with her.

Oh, by the way, Queenie got her way (as if you are surprised by that). Maybe this cashier just needs to take one of her classes. Until next time, happy shopping!

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