Saturday, January 30, 2010

1/31 Coupon Inserts

Just an FYI - we will receive 2 coupon inserts in Sunday's paper.  One Smart Source (SS) and one Red Plum (RP).

Dig out of the snow and get those papers!!!!

If you can't, go to and order them.

If you don't, you'll be sorry later when Triples/Super Doubles roll around (unfortunately, that's not a hint.  I have not heard anything - but you will be the first to know.)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Catalina Deals at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter has some killer catalina deals going on now:

Old El Paso
Receive a catalina off your next beef or chicken purchase.  Save $1.00 when you buy 3 Old el Paso items, $3.00 when you buy 6 items . Items are Old el Paso taco shells, dinner kits, seasonings, refried beans or heat and serve side dishes. All items need to be purchased at the same time. Ends 2/21/10.  Unfortunately, our area did not receive any coupons for Old El Paso, but, if you are interested in ordering some, check out

Save up to $4.00 on your next order when you buy pillsbury refrigerated crescents, cookies, sweet rolls grands, grand biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pie crust ,dinner rolls, loaves, breadsticks or pizza crust.
Buy 4 get $2.00, buy 5 get $3.00 and buy 6 get back $4.00 in the form of a catalina. Ends 2/21/10.

Weight Watchers
Save $5 off your next WW Purchase when you buy $20 of WW Items in a single transaction. Valid 1/20-2/10. Includes WW fresh bakery, sweet baked goods, frozen novelties, cheese, yogurt, WW by Whitman's Chocolates, Green Giant Just for One Veggies, and Progresso Light Soups. Does not include Smart Ones. Check for internet printables.

Some of HT's prices are below:
WW Plain Bagels 3.59
WW Giant Chocolate Fudge Bars 3.99
WW Muffins, Cookies, or Cakes 2/$3.99
WW by Whitman's Chocolates 2/$4

Drug Store Pics for week of 1/31

Let's grow our Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) this week!!!

Colgate Max Fresh 4.2-6oz $2.99, get $2 ECB, limit 1

Use one of the following qs:
$1/1 Colgate Max Fresh All You Magazine - January
$.75/1 Colgate Max White IP, Link:
$.24 or $.01 Money Maker,  depending on Q

Dove Men's Care $5.99, get $5.99 ECB, limit 2 FREE

$1.25/1 Dove Men's Care RP 1/31
$1/1 Dove Men's IP, Link:
Final Price: $1.25 Money Maker x2
You might want to do this in two different transactions, so you will have 2 x $5.99 ECBs, not $11.98 in a single ECB!!

The Nature's Bounty Vitamins are bogo again this week.  Use the $2 Internet Printable, as well as the a bonus Rite Aid Coupon (view the video for this on and get a printable coupon).  You can use these together.
Link to mfg IP: (you have to sign up).

Colgate 4 oz Total Advanced $2.99, get $2 SCR (Single Check Rebate)
Use $1 mfg q from the 1/17 SS
Final Price - .01 MM

There is a coupon in the 1/31 sales ad for a $25 Rite Aid giftcard with a new or transferred prescription - limit 2.

There are a lot of free items this week after you receive your Register Rewards (rrs).  This might be a good time for some of you newbies to get your feet wet.  Make sure you read over the Walgreens information in the Newbies section at the bottom of the main blog page before you start.

Also, keep in mind, the tax rate is 7.75%.  Calculate the tax on the pre-coupon price when you estimate how much your total will be.  Yes, it's free, but you still have to pay tax and that really adds up.  Also, you cannot use your rr to pay tax.

Blink Eyedrops are $7.99, get $7.99 in rrs, use $1.50 IP, Link:
Final Price:  $6.49 OOP, after rrs = $1.49 MM

Scalpicin Medicated Wipes are $5.99, get $5.99 rrs, use the $1.00 IP, Link:
Final Price:  $4.99 OOP, after rrs = $1.00 MM

Joint Juice 30 pack is $10, get $10 rrs. no coupon.
Final Price: = FREE

Vitamin Schtick is $1.99, get $1.99 rrs, no coupon.
Final Price: = FREE

Here are a couple of inexpensive fillers: 
Royal Gelatin is 5 for $1.00 with in-ad q.
Wags bar soap is .33 with in-ad q.
Valentine Tumblers are 6 for $1.00 with in-ad q.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

For all you Newbies.........

I have had two classes recently and wanted to check on the Newbies.  During the more recent classes, I have not collected email address, so this is my best form of communication.

Do you have any questions or issues?  If so, please email me at

I would like to propose a "To Do" list to help you get started.
  • Purchase at least two Sunday papers. When I first started, I was VERY frustrated that I did not have the coupons that "everyone" was talking about to do the deals.
  • Create some type of system to store your coupons. My preference is the binder system where you use a three-ring binder, dividers and baseball card holders to file your coupons after you have clipped them. In addition, I also use a thin three-ring binder, divided by stores to record my weekly deals, putting the coupons that I am using for the week in a baseball card holder behind the divider.
  • Start off slowly.  When I began, I did the deals with guns a blazing.  As a result, I paid more for items in the beginning that I really should've (didn't know that .75 for deoderant was a lot!!). Now I look back and think - really - did I pay $X for that!?!?!
  • Set a goal/A little goes a long way.  Where do you want to be in one month?  Set a money-based goal.  In the beginning, I found that I saved a ton of $ on Health/Beauty items and cleaning stuff, but not so much on groceries.  Focus on one or the other and don't try to tackle both.  It might be fun to also track your savings.
  • Check my blog.  I highlight the grocery store deals, as well as the drug store deals.  If our area did not receive the coupons to do the deal, I do not post it.  I double check my inserts to be 100% sure. If I do not think the average couponer cannot do the deal, I do not post it - or - if it's complicated, I tell you up front.
Also, if you have any feedback, good or bad, or suggestions to make something "less confusing" in the class, PLEASE let me know.  I am always looking for ways to share this information without it being too terribly confusing.

One last thing - try not to brag TOO much to your friends about how much $ you are saving (unless you think they would be interest in couponing).  It's just not flattering to go on and on like that.

Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions!!

Diaper Deal - Delivered to your door!!!

Normally, my radar is not set for diaper deals, but our church's food pantry is getting started and a "Baby Box" is one of the boxes that we are providing, so diapers, here we come! 

This is actually a fairly easy one. No coupons involved.......just a purchase online and one rebate (I can see you cringe - rebates aren't ALL that bad!!!) It's delivered to your house, which is an added bonus!!!

Here's the deal.

Go to either ShopAtHome (for 1.5% cash back) or Ebates (for 1% cash back) and type “” in the search box. If you would prefer not to shop through these sites, you can go directly to

Choose 7 packs of the LUVS Jumbo Size diapers to your cart. They are $6.99 each, and your total will be $49.93. Add something else to your cart (like Pampers Travel Wipes for $1.99) to get your total above $49 so that you can get FREE shipping!

During Checkout, enter the promo code “MISS3987 ” to get $10 off of your order (this code is good for new customers only). You will pay about $45 for everything (which includes tax).

When you are finished, and have received your confirmation, click on the link below to print out the form to send in for a $14.97 rebate (be sure to read the instructions carefully!) Link:

Your final cost will be about $30.00 for 7 packs of diapers and a small pack of wipes, which ends up being about $4 for a pack of jumbo diapers.
The LUVS diapers is the least expensive but you can also do this with Pampers or Huggies… you will just end up paying a little more out of pocket.

Also, you have the option to pay via Paypal. 

Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grocery Store pics for the week of 1/27

Looks like we'll be eating grapes this week!!!  Food Lion has published a FLIP (Food Lion Internet Printable coupon) for $1 off $5 purchase in produce.  Link:

Rules for using the FLIP:  You can only use one like flip per transaction. Let's say you had a FLIP for Beef and a FLIP for Produce, you could use one FLIP for each of those per transaction, not 2 for beef, 2 for produce, etc. Also, use the FLIP on the pre-sale price.  Some examples are below.

The Red Seedless Grapes are on sale for $1.79/lb, regularly $2.99/lb.  Purchase about 2 lbs, and your total will be $3.58 sale price/$5.98 pre-sale price.  Use the $1 FLIP and pay only $2.58.

D'Anjou Pears are on sale for .99, regular price is $1.99.  Purchase a little over 2.5 lbs and the pre-sale price will get you to the $5.00 needed to use the FLIP, pay only about $1.60.  Maybe I'll try my hand at one of Martha Stewart's fancy pear desserts.

Red Delicious Apples are on sale for .89 lb, pre-sale price is $1.99/lb.  CHEAP APPLES!!!

Of course, you can mix and match and still use the FLIP.  Your pre-MVP (sale) price has to total $5 or more.

The meat FLIP has not expired from last week ($1 off $5 purchase of Butcher's Brand Beef). It expires 2/2/10. Link:

Value Pack T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks are $4.99 lb, and the ad does not state the regular price, which, in this situation would not matter since it is a "value pack".  But, with Valentine's day rapidly approaching, this is something to think about!!!  

And, yet again this week, FL is having their Private Brand Super Sale.....copied from last week's and two weeks ago's post:

Food Lion Private Brand Super you may or may not know, Food Lion has several "house" brands. They are having a Super Sale on their Food Lion Brand and Home 360 Brand. Basically, the more you purchase, the more you save. There is no $ off the actual items (unless the item is on sale), but you receive a catalina for $ off your next order (oyno). See details below:
Buy 4 save $1.00
Buy 6 save $1.50
Buy 8 save $2.00
Buy 10 save $2.50
Buy 20 save $5.00
Buy 40, save $10.00

Fresh Whole Fryer Chicken 0.49/lb, limit 4
HT Rancher Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak 5.99/lb

E-Z Peel white shrimp (sold in 2 lb. frozen bags - all sizes) are bogo.  They ring up half price.
HT Dozen Large White Eggs 0.99, limit 2
HT Butter 16 oz. Quarters 1.99. limit 4
Dannon 4 ct. Activia, Danactive, Cruch, Danonino, Danimals or 6 ct. Light & Fit 3/$6,
$1 q from 1/10 Smartsource
Final Price = $1
Breakstone's Sour Cream 16 oz.: $0.99, use .55 q from 1/24 Smartsource
Final Price = FREE

32 oz. HT Garden Salad Mix = 1.99.  Keep your eyes open for the yellow $1.00 stickers when the bag approaches it expiration date.
Cantaloupes are bogo at $1.49 ea.

Del Monte Corn, Peas, or Green Beans 14.5-15.25 oz.
Buy 2, Get 3 Free (must buy 2 to get 3 free, first 2 items charged at full price
Use $1/4 Printable Coupon
Final Price = $1.58 for 5 = $0.32 each = STOCKPILE PRICE!!!

Minute Rice Ready-to-Serve are $1.67, use 50¢ q from 1/24 Smart Source
Final Price = 67¢

Deer Park Water is Bogo at $3.74 ea.  There is a great catalina deal going on now:
Buy DEER PARK Brand Natural Spring Water .5 Liter 24-Packs
During Purchase Dates and SAVE up to $5.00 on your next order.
Between 1/15/2010 - 2/7/2010
Buy (2) & GET $2.00 COUPON...
Buy (3) & GET $3.00 COUPON...
Buy (4) OR MORE & GET $5.00...

Gatorade G2 is .88, use the .50 q from 1/10 Red Plum
Final Price = FREE

Three Day Sale: 1/29 - 1/31
Russet Potatoes 8 lb. bag 1.99, limit 2
Wisk 2x Liquid 50 oz. 2.99, limit 2 per household with additional $25
Nabisco Chips Ahoy 1.88, limit 2 per household with additional $25 purchase

Weekly Sale:
Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops 2.99/lb

Sanderson Farms Split Chicken Breast 0.99/lb

That's all for this week!  Have a good one!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

1,000 Hits giveaway Update - Winner Announced!!

Thanks to all who entered!!!

Congratulations to Kristen for winning the giveaway!  Kristen, email me at to claim your prize.

Stay tuned for more giveaways!!! 


There's only a couple of more hours to enter. will choose the winner at noon today.  It's only fair to know what you are getting, so here goes.....

Good Luck to everyone!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drug Store Pics for week of 1/24

Dove or Degree Ultimate or Ultra Clear 2 for $7, get $2 ECB when you buy 2, limit 1
2 x $2 Dove Ultimate print, Link:
Final Cost: 2 for $1 after coupons and ECB

Crest toothpaste 6.4oz or Oral B indicator toothbrush $1.99, get $1 ECB, limit 1
Use one of the below: $1/1 Crest 4oz or larger P&G 12/27
$1/1 Crest 4oz+ RP 12/06
$.75/1 Crest P&G 1/17
Final Cost: .25 or .01 MM on the Crest

The Pepsi deal is still going on.
Pepsi Products Spend $20 get $10 ECB limit 1
Pepsi 8pk 12oz cans 5/$10
Pepsi 2ltrs or Sobe or Gatorade 32oz 4/$5
True North or Stacy's Pita Chips 2/$6
Starbucks Frap, Izze, or Amp 4 pk $5
Tostito's or Lay's Chips 2/$7
Don't forget to submit for your Coors rebate.  You can get $10 when you buy (wyb) $30 worth of the above items, or, $7.50 when you purchase $7.50 worth of these items.  You do not have to purchase beer. There are other items that are inlcuded. If you were one of the fortunate ones to get the Chinet items that were free during HT's SD and have your receipt, that is included as well.  See the following link for details.

3 Day Sale

Rimmel is bogo BOGO
Use $1 Rimmel from 12/13 RP

Scott paper towels 6pk or Earth Essentials 8pk $4.99
Use $1 Scott 4+ rolls from the 1/17 SS
Final Price: $3.99 for 6pk Scott

Not much floating my boat this week.
The Nature's Bounty Vitamins are BOGO and there is a SCR associated with them, so this could be a good deal.

BIC Hybrid Advanced Disposable Razor or Flex Disposable Razor $6.99
Buy One Get One (BOGO), Use BOGO coupon from SS 1/10/10
Final Price: 2 for Free, just pay tax!!!!

Pert Plus shampoo plus conditioner 12 or 13.5 oz 2/$5, get $2 RRs.
Use 2 x $1 off IP, Link:
OR - supposedly, there is a $1.50 q coming out in 1/24's inserts.
Final Price: either .50 each or FREE     Good Donation Item!!!
Also, keep your eyes open for some clearance bottles....could me a MM!

Sure Deoderant is $1.50 with the in-ad q (located in the sales flyer).  Supposedly, there is a q for $1.50 for men in the 1/25 q insert.  FREE

There are some great Register Rewards (rrs) deals this week....too many to list. Check the sales flyer and if something interests you, check, under the coupons to see if there is an internet printable (IP) or maybe a mfg. from a coupon insert.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck and have a great week!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grocery Store pics for week of 1/20/10

Butcher's Brand Boneless Beef Chuck Roasts or Value Packed Steaks (whatever that means) are in sale for $2.99/lb.  There is a FLIP for $1.00 off $5 worth of Butcher's Brand Beef.

Just a refresher on FLIPS (Food Lion Internet Printables). You can only use one like flip per transaction.  Let's say you had a FLIP for Beef and a FLIP for Produce, you could use one FLIP for each of those per transaction, not 2 for beef, 2 for produce, etc.  Also, use the FLIP on the pre-sale price. The Chuck Roast is regularly 4.79/lb.  Find a tiny roast that is, let's say 2 lbs.  Pre-sale price is 9.58, so it is WELL above the $5.00 price.  Sale price would be about $6.00, minus the $1.00 FLIP = $5.00.  THIS IS NOT A GOOD PRICE!!!!
Where this FLIP can be to your advantage is if you find reduced Butcher's Brand beef for $5 or over.  Usually, this is a good deal all in itself, but with another $1 off, it's even better!  The pre-reduced price cannot be taken into account in this situation.  The register only recognizes the "reduced" price, not the pre-sale, or pre-mvp price because basically, there is not one.
Totally confused????? I hope not.

Now, there is the Flat Iron Filet that is also Butcher's Brand that is on sale for $3.99/lb, regularly $5.99/lb.  THIS, my friends, could be a good deal (if you can find a tiny one).

Here is the link to the FLIP:

And, yet again this week, FL is having their Private Brand Super Sale.....copied from last week's post:
Food Lion Private Brand Super you may or may not know, Food Lion has several "house" brands. They are having a Super Sale on their Food Lion Brand and Home 360 Brand. Basically, the more you purchase, the more you save. There is no $ off the actual items (unless the item is on sale), but you receive a catalina for $ off your next order (oyno). See details below:

Buy 4 save $1.00
Buy 6 save $1.50
Buy 8 save $2.00
Buy 10 save $2.50
Buy 20 save $5.00
Buy 40, save $10.00

The prices below are an estimate - every FL is different in pricing. Here is a list of things to be on the lookout for:

12 FL Mac and Cheese = $4 (good donation item)

Receive $3 OYNO CAT

10 FL Yogurt = $4.00
Receive $2.5 OYNO CAT

FL Gum .39 ea (located at the registers)
FL Yogurt, around .37-.44 ea
FL Boxed jello, around .33 ea
FL canned veges are on sale for .69 ea
Home 360 Rubber Bands, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, 33¢
Home 360 Kids Scissors 99¢
Home 360 Transparent Tape 59¢
Home 360 Aluminum Foil 25 Sqft $1.35
Home 360 Single Wet One Packs 89¢
Home 360 Fabric Softener Sheets 40ct $1.69

Also, the above prices may not be the same as in previous weeks. It's possible that some were on sale last week, but not this week.

They are having the promotion, buy 15 select P&G items, get $5.00 off your order instantly.  In times past, this promotion has been during triples, which makes it a money maker, but not this time.  There are still some good prices and if you are interested in doing this deal, click on the link below.  There are a lot of Internet Printables and highlites this deal and the printables.
Link:   Look at post #12.

Snow Crab Cluster are $2.99 lb

EZ Peel White Shrimp, 31-40 count, $4.99 lb
You can go for the gold and get the fresh, head on, white shrimp, 13-17 count for $5.99 lb.  Don't forget they should be a greyish/white color, NOT PINK!!! To get the heads off, pinch them at the "neck".  It's not as bad as it sounds!!!

Tyson Grilled Chicken Strips 2.99
Use $1 q from 1/10 Smartsource = $1.99

Birds Eye Steamfresh 5/$5
Use .50 q from 1/10 Smartsource = FREE

International Delight Creamers 3/$5
Use .55 Internet Printable = .57

Mission Flour Tortillas 2/$3
Use .75 q from 1/10 Smartsource = FREE Our area did not receive this q. Sorry!!

Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soups 5/$3
Use $0.40/4 from 1/03 Smartsource = .40 each

Buy 27.6 oz Hungry Jack Syrup at $2.99, get the 28-32 oz. HJ pancake mix for free, use the .55 q from 11/8 RP make it $1.89 for both.

E-VIC Special:
12 Double Rolls Angel Soft Toilet Paper 4.77, limit 1 (Non-E-Vic price $6.99)

Use $0.50 Internet Printable = $3.77

It looks like Lowes Foods will see a lot of me this week.

Keep in mind that this is the last week of the "3 week coupons" for LF.  The coupons expire on 1/26. 

Birds Eye Steamfresh is bogo this week - I assume that makes them around $1 each (the LF to go site didn't have them listed, but I know they carry these). Use the .50 q from the 1/10 SS and it makes them FREE

Lowes Foods 18 count large white eggs = $1.88

Quaker mini rice cakes are on sale for $1.00 until 2/01, use the .75 q from the 1/10 and they will be FREE. I am soooo excited about these. Rachel (DD) loves these and they are semi-healthly to put in her lunch for school.

The Fruit 2 o is on sale for .99, use the .75 q from the 1/17 SS and they will be FREE.

Have a great week!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

1,000 Hits giveaway

I installed a counter on the blog and was interested in how many people were viewing it.  I was shocked to see it go up and up and up.

It's hit 1,000 today!!!

As a result I am hosting a giveaway. I will post an update with the contents (a pic of course).

To enter the drawing, post a comment with your name and what city you live in.  You can enter once per day. The deadline will be noon on Monday, January 25. will choose the winner and I will write a new post announcing the winner.  Since I do not have all of your email addresses, please check back to see if you have won. You will have 48 hours to check to see if you are the winner.

Good Luck!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Free Groceries? Not in Missy's Coupon Land (where all your coupon dreams come true)

First, I have to give credit to my friend Vanessa for coming up with the phrase "Only in Missy's Coupon Land, where ALL your coupon dreams come true".  Thanks Sessie!! 

I got overage today at Lowes Foods to the tune of .76.  I was shocked.  I thought they "fixed" their system and it would not allow this, but it happened today.

I DID, however, expect to have a zero total.  I purchased 4 bags of the Quaker mini rice cakes, 4 boxes of the Keebler Right Bites and 1 bag of the No-Yolk Egg Noodles.  Here's the breakout below:
4 Quaker mini rice cakes = 1.00 x 4 = 4.00
4 Keebler right bites = 3.29 x 4 = 13.16
1 bag No-Yolk Egg Noodles = 2.15
Subtotal:  $19.31
4 Quaker qs for .75 doubled = -6.00
4  Keebler mfg qs for .75 doubled = -6.00
LF 3 week 1.49 q for the Keebler = - 7.20
1 No-Yolks mfg q for .75 doubled = -1.50
1 Insta-Save q for .75  for the No-Yolks= -.75
Subtotal: $-2.14
This was not my total.  My total was -.76.  The system "auto" adjusted some of the the qs.  That's why I'm a little puzzled.  I quickly grabbed a gift card AND gave the cashier my $5 Fresh Rewards that I previously earned, so technically, I received $5.76 overage. I paid $4.24 for a $10 giftcard.

Yipee, Yippee, Yippee!!!   and, for the cherry on the sundae, we actually eat these snacks - what ??? "buy" something that you will actually use!?!?! What a novel concept!!!

Reminder - Coupon Class at my house, Sunday, January 17

Just a reminder that I will be hosting a FREE coupon class on Sunday, January 17 from 4:00 - 6:00.  Please email me at if you need directions.

Hope you can make it!!!


Drugs Store Pics for week of 1/17/10

3 Day sale, Sunday-Tuesday, Jan. 17-19:
M&M Valentine's Day 12.6oz 2/$, get $2 ECB wyb 2 limit 1
$1/2 M&M's 9.4 oz or larger RP 1/10
YMMV: $1/2 M&M's 9.4oz or larger Blinkies in CVS right next to the candy display!
Total cost is 2/$2 after Q and ECB

Weekly Sale:
Pepsi 12pks 6/$20, get $10 ECB, limit 2
Total cost after ECBs = 6/$10 or $1.66 ea.
Limit 2 = you can do this deal twice.

Glade Fabric & Air or Oust $3.99, get $3 ECB, limit 3
Purchase 2, use the BOGO q for the Oust in 1/3 SS, pay $3.99, get $6 in ECBs
$2.01 MM

There is a huge P&G deal going on at RA where if you purchase $___ of P&G products from 1/17 - 2/13, you will get a $___ Visa Reward Card
Buy $25 get $5
Buy $50 get $15
Buy $100 get $35
This deal is for the more experienced couponer.  If you are a newbie - don't try this at home!!!

I am not going into more details, but if you need to increase your stockpile, this is for you. By combining the $5/20 q from the Rite Aid Video Rewards, you could break even or pay very little (tax) OOP. Stay focused my friends.  Create your list and order your coupons (if you need more).  Also, if you have your deal sketched out and know you are going to need a lot of a certain item, don't hesitate to ask the store to order the items for you.  They order every other week and their truck comes in once every two weeks, but if you time it right - you could really score. I know that the manager at the Rural Hall store LOVES couponers and has told me on several occassions that she would be happy to order anything I need.

For deal scenerios, go to, click on Rite Aid and take a look at some of the posts they have.  Very informative.  This is where I'm getting my information!!!

There is a Pepsi deal at Wags this week, but I think CVS's is better.  BUT - If you have RRs to burn (I have ECBs to use), Wags is your place for Pepsi this week.

Pepsico products get $10 RR WYB $20 (rr deal 1/03-2/07):

Aquafina 24 Pk
Frito-Lay Doritos, Tostitos, or lays 12 oz + $2.50
Gatorade 32 oz $1
Gatorade 6 pack of 12 oz
Pepsi 12 pk $4 ($3 in some areas)
Pepsi 2 Liter $1.25
Stacy's Pita chips 7.33 or 8 oz $2.50
Tostitos Salsa or Queso 15 oz $2.50

I cannot confirm these prices, ymmv.  I got this information from  Also, I am fairly confident that other sodas (Mt. Dew, Diet Pepsi, etc.) are included in this sale, but you might want to check the sales flyer and/or signs on the shelf before you check out.  Keep in mind, as much as well all like Dr. Pepper, Coke distributes this in our area (the distributor is different in other parts of the country) and is not included in this sale.

Friday, January 15, 2010

This one spoke to me......

I subscribe to anywhere from 5-8 blogs and read them religiously.  You would think that my favorite blog would be one that gives me the scoop on the best deals, but it is not.

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED the blog "The Coupon Goddess" from the first day I opened it.  She does not spell out a ton of deals, like most do, but you could get lost for hours mulling over her own deals and her life in her blog.  She's even nick-named a freezer "The Cheezer" because it holds nothing but cheese!!!

Her latest post really spoke to me.  Do you remember me complaining in a previous post about going out in the rain on a Tuesday night to do "the deal" at the grocery store before the sale turned, but also saying that it was worth it because it would be donated to someone that needed it?  The Coupon Goddess doesn't complain.  She doesn't complain when she has to stand in line for an hour and a half to check out because she is donating 500 boxes of Hamburger Helper!!!

Please check out her blog:

It really makes you sit back and think what MORE we can do to help other.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grocery Store Pics for the week of 1/13/10 - Updated

I am NOT going to HT today - yipee for me!!!  I went EVERY day last week to make a SD run and I am worn out....but, on the other hand, if there is free food........

The box steaks are on sale again this week - OMG....we have ONE more chance!!!! (In case you're just tuning in, below is the blurb from last week's post....)

"Silver Classic Beef Ribeye or New York Strip Steaks $3.99 lb, sold in a 2 lb. box. Really......steak that comes in a box? I shouldn't knock it before I see it but - Really!?!?! Has anyone tried this? Leave a post if you have. I will report back after I see it - IF I can see through the box......hum..... "

My neighbor just called and told me about the Emerald Nuts deal.  The dry roasted and salted are BOGO and there are $1 peelies on the lid.  Makes them about .85 each.  This is not in the sales flyer and I'm not sure when the sale ends.  Sometimes these types of sales go longer than they typical week-long sales, so keep your eyes open for them.  Thanks for the info Kim!!

Nothing is floating my boat this week.  They are still having the FL Brand Sale, left over from last week.  See below for details:

Food Lion Private Brand Super you may or may not know, Food Lion has several "house" brands. They are having a week-long Super Sale on their Food Lion Brand and Home 360 Brand. Basically, the more you purchase, the more you save. There is no $ off the actual items (unless the item is on sale), but you receive a catalina for $ oyno. See details below:

Buy 4 save $1.00
Buy 6 save $1.50
Buy 8 save $2.00
Buy 10 save $2.50
Buy 20 save $5.00
Buy 40, save $10.00

The prices below are an estimate - every FL is different in pricing. Here is a list of things to be on the lookout for:
FL Gum .39 ea (located at the registers)
FL Yogurt, around .37-.44 ea
FL Boxed jello, around .33 ea
FL canned veges are on sale for .69 ea
Home 360 Rubber Bands, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, 33¢
Home 360 Kids Scissors 99¢
Home 360 Transparent Tape 59¢
Home 360 Aluminum Foil 25 Sqft $1.35
Home 360 Single Wet One Packs 89¢
Home 360 Fabric Softener Sheets 40ct $1.69

Also, the above prices may not be the same last week. It's possible that some were on sale last week, but not this week.

They are also having another 3 Day sale, Friday - Sunday, January 15 - 17.  The best items, in my opinion, are the 9 "large" roll pack of Charmin toilet paper for $3.99 and the Bounty Basic papertowels for $4.99 for an 8 pack.  There are no coupons to match up with these, but it's still a great price.

Free Keebler 100 calorie packs, use the LF in-ad q that makes the Keebler $1.49 (that was in last week's paper) AND the mfg. q from the 1/10 RP.  I actually ordered coupons for this one.  Can't beat free!!!

More free snacks!!! Quaker Rice Snacks, Minis are $1, use the .75 q from 1/10 RP = FREE

Take a look at the Insta-save qs that you can add to your LF card.  They currently have one for .75 off the  the No-Yolks Egg Noodles.  Use your .75 IP and get them for free.  You do not have to get a filler, the mfg. q will auto-adjust.   But hurry - this IP expires 1/14/2010. The limit is 5 (it will take off the insta-save .75 q 5 times - but keep in mind that they will only accept up to 4 of the exact same qs).  If that one doesn't confuse you, you should feel really good about your couponing skills. It's a bit tricky!!!
IP Lik:

Snow Crab Clusters are $2.99 lb.

The Three Day Sale must be catching on because Lowes Foods is now having one.  It's Friday - Sunday, January 15 -17.  Below are a few that catch my eye.
White House Apple juice  is .99 ea, limit 2
Dannon Light and Fit yogurt is .25 ea, limit 12
Zesta Crackers are $1.29, limit 4

The Kraft Cheese deal is still going on.  When you buy of any of the following, you get a $5 catalina.

Choose from the following (6 oz. or larger unless otherwise specified):

Kraft Singles
Kraft Parmesan Cheese
Kraft Natural Cheese (chunks, shredded, crumbles (5 oz), sticks, or cubes)
Kraft String-Ums Cheese
Kraft Cracker Cuts Cheese
Kraft Deli Deluxe Slices
Philadelphia Ready to Eat Cheesecake Filling
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Velveeta Cheese Product
Cracker Barrel Cheese
Cheese Whiz
Breakstone's Sour Cream
Breakstone's Cottage Cheese
Knudsen Sour Cream
Knudsen Cottage Cheese

A good scenerio for the least oop is:
3 Breakstone sour cream, 1.99 - .55 q from 12/13 SS doubled=2.67
2 8 oz blocks Kraft cheese at 1.67 ea = 3.34
Pay 6.01 + tax, get $5 catalina.


2 Breakstone sour cream, 1.99 - .55 q from 12/13 SS doubled = 1.78
3 8 oz blocks Kraft cheese at 1.67 ea = 5.01
Pay 6.79 + tax, get $5 catalina.

Chicken Leg Quarters are .49/lb.  This is a decent price, but not a stockpile price.  During the summer, they usually have them for .29 lb.

Catfish Nuggets (Seafood Dept.) is $1.99.

Old Orchard Juice is buy 2 get 3 free, priced at $2.99 ea. Makes them 1.19 ea.

Almond Breeze is $2.50 each. There is a .75 blinkie out there, but I don't know where (sorry!!!)

Whole Rotisserie Chicken is $4.99 each.  This is a good price, but catch them in the early evening where they have placed a yellow HT q on it because it is approaching it's "shelf" life and you've got a GREAT price!!!

Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes, .77, use the .35 q from 12/13 GM and pay only .07!!!

Quaker Rice Snacks, Minis are $1.25, use the .75 q from 1/10 RP = FREE

Butterball Thin Sliced Lunchmeat is $2.50, use the .75 q from 1/10 SS = $1.00
This is not a great stockpile price, but I am currently out, so I will get one or two this week.

That's all for this week.  I will update in blue if there are any changes.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kicking Butt at Harris Teeter and a look at this week's qs for SD

I have been rocking and rolling at HT this week.  I have been focusing on the free items and also feel it my "duty" to do as many Special K deals as possible.  .25 for cereal!!!  Great donation item!!!

Wally has gone with me a lot and that keeps me focused.  I have gotten it down to 30 minutes shopping and 5-8 minutes in checkout (which includes my socializing with the cashiers/manager).  Not too bad!!!

My two totals this morning were .01 and .70.

#1 .01 order:

2 Weight Watchers snack boxes
2 Special K cereals
2 Special K cereal bars
3 Uncle Bens Rice
3 Ivory Soap 3-packs
2 Bandaid travel size
3 Gorton Filets
1 Kings Hawaiian Rolls

#2 .70 order:
3 Uncle Bens Rice
3 Ivory Soap 3-packs
1 Muir Glen Soup
2 Kings Hawaiian Rolls
5 Kraft Cheese
4 Special K Cereals

#1 With this being said, I had a $5 oyno catalina from the cheese deal that I previously earned.  It was actually quite first total was about $4.70 and I wanted to use the $5 catalina that I had.  I added the 3 Gorton Filets and my total was then $4.99 - GIVE ME A BREAK - You've gotta be kidding!!!  I then added the 2 Kings Hawaiian rolls and that put me at .01 - FINALLY!!!!

#2 Same thing goes for the .70 order.  I used a $5 oyno, but also received another $5 oyno.

The best coupons that we received from 1/10s inserts are:

Smart Source:
Post-It, $1.00 HT's prices start at $2.99
Windex Multi-Surface, $1.00, HT has it on sale for $2.50. (this is a good price, but not great)
Grande Tortilla Chips $1.00, HT's price is $2.50.  This is fantastic price - wish I had ordered more qs for this!!!
Dannon Activia $1.00, HT's price is $2.50
Tyson Grilled Chicken Breast Fillets $1.00, HT's price for the breast strips are $3.99.  This is a very high price for chicken, but for $1.99 vs. $3.99 is really good if you buy this item!

That's all I see for the coupon matchups.

I have been extra slack this time with know exactly what my total should be when I get to the register.  There have been a couple of coupons that were missed (by no fault of the cashier), but I caught them before I paid. I have made the mistake of talking to the cashiers when they are scanning the coupon and they are not able to tell when a coupon does not scan.  I literally look over their shoulders (I ask before I do this) to double check that everything scans.  You can do this or either ask the cashier to double check to make sure they scan and double correctly.

Drugs Store Pics for week of 1/10/10

Sorry for the delay in posting this.  Every time I sit down to work on it, HT calls my name!!!

Nature's Bounty Vitamins are sale for bogo, get $3 ECBs wyb 2, use $2 IP, Link:

 Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner and Styler — 2 for $6.97, get $2 ECBs (limit 1)
-$3/2 Pantene from the 12/27 P&G
Total: .98 ea

Soy Joy 6 ct. box = $6, get $6 ECBs (limit 6).  If you have ECBS, use them to purchase the first box and then roll the $6 on the next box, etc. until you reach your limit.  Make sure to ask the cashier to see if they will allow you to do multiple transactions.


Contac Cold & Flu is $4.99 with a $4.99 Single Check Rebate #33. Use the $2/1 coupon from the 1/10 RP or IP, Link:
Total: $2 MM

GE Soft White Bulbs 2 pack $2.00, get a $2 Single Check Rebate #89 = FREE

Don't forget to check out and view some of the videos to get coupons for select items.  Also, when you view 20 videos, you can print off a $5/20 q.  The videos vary from 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Walgreens has several items on sale this week that will make them free after submitting (and receiving) the $10 Johnson and Johnson rebate.  You must purchase two or more select items.  See below for the scenario.  It seems complicated, but it's not really.  In my opinion, it's worth it because you will end up with some high quality items for free after rebate!!
  • Purchase 4 Lubriderm Daily Moisture Body Lotion 6 oz. for $3.79 each (2 lotions will ring up at $1.90 due to sale)
  • Purchase 2 Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrubs $5.29 each (1 will ring up at $2.65 due to sale)
  • Purchase 1 Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish and Revitalize Shampoo 10.5 oz. for $7.49
  • Purchase 1 Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish and Revitalize Conditioner 10.5 oz.–product will ring up at $3.75 due to sale

  • Use 4 $2/1 Lubriderm coupons from the 1/10 SS or IP (link below)
  • Use the $1/1 Lubriderm coupon from the Diabetes and You Booklet (will deduct $4–for purchasing 4)
  • Use 2 $2/1 Clean & Clear IP qs (link below)
  • Use 2 $2.50/1 Aveeno Nourish coupon from the 1/10 SS IP (link below)
Pay around $9.56 (keep in mind that prices may vary from store to store.)
Submit for the Johnson & Johnson $10 rebate and you'll have eight costly items for FREE!
Link for above-mentioned qs and rebate form:

I started couponing one year ago and it's deals like this that have helped me increase my stockpile for very little oop.

With all of this being said, the Reynolda Wags and Robinhood Village Wags do not have these lotions.  RHood Village does not even have a space on their shelf for this size and the Reynolda store is out. 

Colgate Maxfresh or Maxwhite toothbrush or toothpaste 6 oz. $2.99, get $2RR

Use the $1/1 coupon from the All You Magazine January issue. There is also a $0.75/1 coupon from the 1/3 SS. Your oop will be $1.99, but you will get back a $2 rr.

Planter’s Trail Mix 6 oz. is on sale for  2 for $3, get $1 rr wyb 2. Use the $1/2 coupon from the Wags January Coupon Booklet. Pay $2, get a $1 rr = .50 ea

Nivea Hydrating Shower Gel is $4.99, get $2 rr. Use the $2/1 coupon from the 1/3RP or the previous printable coupons that have been available and your final cost will be .99.

Triaminic Cold or Allergy Relief 2/$10 = $5RR. With q matchups, this is a MM.
2 Triaminic Thin Strips 14 pack = $10
Use 2 $3/1 coupons from the 12/6 SS
Pay $4
Get back a $5RR
Total:  $1 MM

Lubriderm is buy 1 get 1 50% off.  Buy 2 Lubriderm Daily Moisture Body Lotion 6 oz. for $3.79 (2nd lotion will ring up at $1.90 due to sale), use the $1/1 coupon from the Diabetes and You Booklet (will deduct $2),
Use 2 $2/1 coupons from the 1/10 SS or IP, Link:
Total: .31 MM
Make sure you give the cashier the mfg q, then the Wags q AND have a filler.

Oust is bogo this week.  Use the bogo q from the 1/3 SS and it will be FREE.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grocery Store Pics for the week of 1/6/10 - LF Update!

It's chicken time!!!!! 
Do you remember me mentioning a few posts ago about purchasing chicken, cooking it, deboning and freezing it?  That's exactly what I'll be doing this weekend.  Food Lion has their whole chickens on sale for .59.  The absolute best price that I have found is .49, but I am getting low and it will only cost me about .30 extra per chicken.  Yes, that's a lot of money (just think of the tax that you could pay on the free rice, pasta, crouton, etc.) - but sometimes you have to suck it up.

Three Day Sale:  Begins Friday at 8:00 a.m. and ends Sunday.  Check out for more details.  Looks like fairly good prices on papertowels and toilet paper.

Food Lion Private Brand Super you may or may not know, Food Lion has several "house" brands.  They are having a week-long Super Sale on their Food Lion Brand and Home 360 Brand.  Basically, the more you purchase, the more you save.  There is no $ off the actual items (unless the item is on sale), but you receive a catalina for $ oyno.  See details below:
Buy 4 save $1.00
Buy 6 save $1.50
Buy 8 save $2.00
Buy 10 save $2.50
Buy 20 save $5.00
Buy 40, save $10.00

The prices below are an estimate - every FL is different in pricing. Here is a list of things to be on the lookout for:
FL Gum .39 ea (located at the registers)
FL Yogurt, around .37-.44 ea
FL Boxed jello, around .33 ea
FL canned veges are on sale for .69 ea
Home 360 Rubber Bands, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, 33¢
Home 360 Kids Scissors 99¢
Home 360 Transparent Tape 59¢
Home 360 Aluminum Foil 25 Sqft $1.35
Home 360 Single Wet One Packs 89¢
Home 360 Fabric Softener Sheets 40ct $1.69

Okay, I'm going out on a limb here telling you about this.  Please don't take this information as a personal recommendation from me, but I got a kick out of the following that was in the sales flyer:
Silver Classic Beef Ribeye or New York Strip Steaks $3.99 lb, sold in a 2 lb. box.  Really......steak that comes in a box?  I shouldn't knock it before I see it but - Really!?!?!  Has anyone tried this?  Leave a post if you have.  I will report back after I see it - IF I can see through the box......hum.....
That's all for Food Lion this week - no interesting FLIPS.

As you know it's super double time, so I will only highlight the best items that are not associated with SDs.

La Brea Baguettes are bogo at $1.49, which is a decent price.  However, look to see if any are "day old" and have the $1.00 off yellow sticker.  I would pay $1.49 if I were having a nice pasta meal and needed a nice baguette to impress my guests, but for "day old", you could make mini pizzas by slathering them with pasta sauce, a pepperoni and layering the top with cheese.  Now that's a great snack for .49!!

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (meat dept.) is buy 1 get 2 packs free, which ends up being about $1.66/lb.  This is not a bad price at all.

Fresh Maine Blue Mussels are $3.99.  Take a look at this pic.  Make you want to cook it - huh??

Gwaltney Bacon is 1.97 per pack

Lowes Foods has published their 3 week coupons again, which are in the sales flyer. Make sure you hang on to the ad - sometimes the stores don't have them and if you don't have the q with you, your out of luck.  Here are a couple of the better deals:

French's Mustard 0.99, use the .50 IP from here:

Keebler 100 Calorie Right Bites 1.49 (there is supposed to be a $1 q in Sunday's RP - I hope our region gets it!) .49 for a lunchbox snack is great!! The q that came out in Sunday's paper was for .75 - Even better!!  Free Snacks!!  Make sure you give the cashier the mfg q first, then have them scan the LF q.

Regular Sale Items:

Sanderson Farms Split bone-in chicken breast (sold in a "value" pack) is .79.  This is a stockpile price. 

Yoplait Fiber One or Yo Plus multi-pack is $1.50, use $1 q from, Link:

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Verdict for Super Doubles (insert super hero music here)

You KNOW the day could not pass by without me reporting the first trip for Super Doubles.  My goal for the very first trip for the total to be the lowest for the week.  I did fairly well. 

First of all, let me say that Wally went with me, you know, because he is the BEST husband on the planet (and because all the cashiers give him extra attention....."that is SOOOO sweet of you to come with her", etc.).  He also keeps me in check and reminds me that I have to go to work and that I should stop socializing with the cashiers.  He did a transaction and I did one as well. Below is a run down of our purchases.

4 Ore-ida Fries
3 Gorton Fillets
2 Lance Crackers
2 Special K Cereal Bars
2 Special K Crackers
2 Uncle Ben's Rice
2 King's Hawaiian Rolls
3 Lysol Wipes
Total without coupons/sale = $52.91 (not including tax)
Total with sale only = $31.68 (not including tax)
Total with sale and coupons:  $2.29 (including tax

Second order:

4 Ord-ida fries
2 Gorton Fillets
1 Chobani Greek Yogurt
4 Special K Cereals
3 Lysol Wipes
1 Luzianne Tea
2 Uncle Ben's Rice
2 Lance Crackers
2 Arm & Hammer Detergents
Total without coupons/sale = $51.88 (not including tax)
Total with sale only = $34.28 (not including tax)
Total with sale and coupons = $7.04 (including tax)

Combined totals are:
Without sales/coupons:  $104.70
With sales only: $65.96
With sales and coupons: $9.75

Percentages:  Paid 9% without sales/coupon
                     Paid 14% with sales only
Basically, by using coupons, we saved 86%
Also, let me mention....the Arm & Hammer is not the absolute BEST deal, but I was purchasing it for someone at work.  I like to pay only about $1.25 for this and it was $1.89 each after qs.

I am a little low on qs, so I think I'll order some.  I will risk "wasting" $3-$4 by ordering them and the items not being in stock by the time I get my qs, but it's worth the gamble.....for 86% - oh yea.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Strategies for Super Doubles

What is your strategy for Super Doubles (do you also hear the super-hero music when you say Super Doubles?????? There it went again!!!)

Leave a comment and I will share your strategy with others.

I will be in a HUGE hurry for my first SD trip.  My favorite HT opens at 7:00 and I am supposed to be at work by 7:30, but, if I can be in the checkout line by 7:15, I won't be TOO late.  As a result, I have created an Excel Spreadsheet listing out my quantity, item, cost of item, q value, subtotal and total.  I am pulling the qs ONLY for tomorrow morning's trip....that way, I will be able to FLY through the store (not only physically, but I will certainly be high as a kite mentally, especially when I see my total).

In general my strategy is to file my qs in my large binders, flag them with the cute little (or tiny - as Aiyana says) post-it flags letting me know what page to turn to.  I write the original amount of the item, as well as the coupon value and the total after q on yet another tiny post-it note and place it on the coupon.  I can see the coupon and know how much it is going to cost without having to do the math in the store (remember the bright glaring lights I talked about at Wags???? They must use the same lighting people because this seems to happen at HT as well.)

I also use a notebook to write down what I am most interested in purchasing and what I think will sell out the quickest.  Sometimes I actually pull the qs and clip them to the notebook page, if I know I am going to be in a hurry at the store. Also, a calculator helps - it's amazing how your math skills leave you when you get excited.

I take a pen with me to make adjustments to my list, including price adjustments if necessary, in order to know what my total will be.

Depending on the store that you visit, you may need to watch the screen to make sure everything doubles.   The associates at MY favorite HT checks for me (it helps that they know me).

One very important point to remember.  Wait until you get to the car to yell "YIPEEE", don't embarrass makes those around you jealous.

Just a refresher on HT's q policy:

During SDs, they will double qs up to $1.98.  There is a limit of 20 coupons doubled per household per day. Others are scanned and taken off at face value. It still has not been concretely determined if it is every 24 hours, at midnight or at 7:00 a.m.

HT will accept up to three mfg. coupons for three of the identical same items. They will accept up to two  IPS for two identical items.

Good Luck and may the Coupon Goddess be with you!!!

HT Super Doubles Shopping List - Updated

Complaining about Super Doubles is sort of like complaining about having to come back from work after the holidays.  Yes, you HAVE to come back to work, but that also means you HAVE a job and you were ABLE to take time off.  With that being said, there is not much this week for SDs, but, at least they are HAVING SDs.!!!

Here a list of great deals for Super Doubles beginning on Wednesday, January 6.  It's short, but it packs a punch.  Any additions I make will be in blue.

Dickinson's Pumpkin Butter/Preserves $1.99 - $2.29, use $1 q from 12/13 RP

King's Hawaiian Bread 4 pack is $1.39, use the $1 q from the 12/13 SS = FREE

Lance Crackers, prices vary, use IP from their website, Link:

Ore Ida Easy Fries 1.45 x 2 = 2.90, use the IP, makes them FREE, Link:

Nancy's Quiche $2.79, use $1.50 IP = FREE, Link: This IP is for the appetizer/desserts only.

Uncle Ben's Rice - Price Varies, but with the $1 q from 1/3 RP, you're sure to get some free/cheap rice.
Wet Ones $2.89 - $1.50 IP, Link:

Buy 5 Kraft Cheese products and save $5 with coupon off a future shopping order (catalina). Purchase dates: 1/1/10- 1/24/10. All items must be purchased in one shopping order.

8 oz. Kraft Shredded Cheese is BOGO at $3.29. If you buy 5 bags at $1.65 (1/2 price)= $8.25, get $5 catalina for buying five Kraft products, subtotal is $3.25, works out to $.65/bag, w/o coupons. I don't know of any qs out there :(

Choose from the following (6 oz. or larger unless otherwise specified):
Kraft Singles
Kraft Parmesan Cheese
Kraft Natural Cheese (chunks, shredded, crumbles (5 oz), sticks, or cubes)
Kraft String-Ums Cheese
Kraft Cracker Cuts Cheese
Kraft Deli Deluxe Slices
Philadelphia Ready to Eat Cheesecake Filling
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Velveeta Cheese Product
Cracker Barrel Cheese
Cheese Whiz
Breakstone's Sour Cream
Breakstone's Cottage Cheese
Knudsen Sour Cream
Knudsen Cottage Cheese

The Special K deal is going to be the best, in my opinion.  Receive $5 off your order instantly wyb 4 select Special K Items:  Special K Cereal, $2.50 ea, Special K Cereal Bars, $1.99 ea, Special K Crackers $2.49 ea, Special K Protein Snack Bars $3.99 ea, Special K Protein Meal Bars and Shakes, $5.99 ea, Special K K20 Protein Water Mixes.  Use the qs from the 1/3 RP for some great deal.  See below:

Special K Cereal: 2.50 x 4 = 10.00
Use 2 $1/2 = -2.00, doubled = -4.00
Get $5 off instantly wyb 4 = -5.00
Total: $1.00 for 4 boxes of cereal.


Cereal bars are $1.99
$1.99 x 4 = 7.96
Use 2 $1/2 = -2.00, doubled = -4.00
Get $5 off wyb 4 = -$1.04


Special K Cereal: 2.50 x 2 = 10.00

Special K Crackers: 2.79 x 2 = 5.58
Use 2 $1/2 = -2.00, doubled = -4.00
Get $5 off instantly wyb 4 = -5.00
Total: $1.58 for 2 boxes of cereal and 2 boxes of crackers.

If I were a betting person, I would be that the Special K items will go fast and possibly not get restocked.  Hit them early, and hit it hard!!!

Gorton's Select Items (frozen section) are $2.09 - $2.19, use $1 from 11/1 SS

Non Food Items:

Lysol Wipes 35 count, $2, use $1 q from 1/3 SS2 = FREE

Not on sale this week .....
Solo Party Cups - (if they're still on sale) $2.00, use$1 q from 12/6 SS

Solo SoloGrips Cups - (if they're still on sale) $2.00, use $1 q from 12/6 SS

Solo All Occasion Plates (if they're still on sale) $2.00, use $1 q from 12/6 SS

Good Luck!!! Leave a post with your totals.  I would LOVE to see them!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Beginner's Coupon Class - Sunday, January 17, 4:00 p.m.

I will be hosting a beginner's coupon class on Sunday, January 17 from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at my house. 

As usual, there is no charge and I will have a drawing for a gift basket (retail value of about $75). Children are also welcome.

Please email me at if you would like to attend. I will send you directions.  Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Drug Store Pics for Week of 1/3 - 1/9/10

GE Smartstart 1pk lightbulb $2.99, get $2 ECB limit 1, use the following IP for a .01 MM

There are a couple of great BOGO deals this week with the coupons that are in Sunday's paper (1/3).

Stayfree is bogo this week and there are going to be bogo qs in Sunday's coupon inserts.  I haven't actually seen the inserts yet, so there is a possiblity that we will not get the qs, but keep your fingers crossed - I will update this post in blue once it is confirmed.

Nivea Lip Treatment is also bogo and there is supposedly a bogo q in Sunday's coupon inserts as well. Same as above, not 100% sure that our area will receive these, but I will update this post.

SCR #6 $3.00 (1/3-1/9 ONLY)

Listerine 500 ml is $3.50 and has a $3 SCR associated with it.  Use the .50 q from 1/3's RP = FREE Limit 1

Revlon Matte Eyeshadow is around $4.99, use the $3 in-ad q from the Wags flyer and the $2 Revlon q from 12/13 SS = .01 MM

Here's how it would work:
Revlon Eyeshadow = $4.99 (ymmv on the price)
Wags in-ad q = -$3.00
Revlon q = -$2.00
Total oop = -.01

Select Kellogg's - get $2 rr wyb 2 and they are 2/$5 this week:

Fiber Plus bars 5 pk
Nutri-Grain bars 8 pk
select cereal 12-18.2 oz
Special K Bars 6 pk

There is a IP for B1G1 Kelloggs cereal. This would make this a .50MM. If you are interested in this deal, you might want to think twice and wait on HT's SDs. There is a deal that will make this a $3.50 MM.

Use bogo IP, link:
-2.50 Free Kelloggs
-1 $1/1 Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops from the 12/13 RP
=1.50 get back 2RR
.50 MM

There is a $2 in-ad q for Reach. This could be paired with the mfg qs from  the 6/14 or 6/21 SS or 10/18 RP. Leave a comment if you happen upon a great deal and I will update this post.

Viva 6 pack roll of papertowels are on sale for $5.99, hopefully you still have the $2 IP from K-Mart (is no longer on the site) and it makes them $3.99.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that you have the q because this is a great price!!!!!

I can't put my finger on a great filler for this week.  Usually there are in-ad qs to make an item really cheap or they will have something on sale - for example, last week there was a pack of pencils for .19.  They also had pencil sharpeners for .19.  I used those and will able to donate them to the schools.

Good Luck and have a great week!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Missy - "Good Finds" on January 1, 2010 - Long post.....

Wally (DH) gave me the idea for the title of this post.  I got some killer deals today and wanted to share them with you.  I lugged my "good finds" upstairs when I got back from the New Year's pilgrimage, took a pic of them and Wally save them off to a USB drive, under the directory "Missy - Good Finds".  I got a kick out of it.....

Anyway - I kicked some royal New Year's BUTT at the stores today.  It was one of those days where we didn't really have anything to do, so I could take my time.......and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fasten your seatbelts - it might be a bumpy ride.

Wally and I started off at Babies R Us this morning to do the diaper deal (Earthland's Best diapers - jumbo packs were on sale for $5 today, regularly $11.99).  I had only two of the $1.50 IPs and tried to print more this morning from my other computers, but there were no more available prints.  We also had some $2 off Babies R Us qs, which we used on every pack.

Here's a pic of our loot.  Wally did one transaction and I did one as well.

Our totals were $10.16 and $7.16 - for a grand total of  $17.32, which comes out to be $3.47 each for a jumbo pack of diapers.

I have to tell you.  When we pulled up to Babies R Us at 9:30, when they opened, there were more cars in the parking lot than I thought there should be the morning of New Year's Day.  About 10 to be exact.....I got a little nervous.  Wally could sense my discomfort and said to me "You don't know that they're here for the diapers",  my reply "yea right".  We briskly walked into the store, Wally got a cart and we jetted to the diaper section.  As we approached, we could hear the ladies saying - "I can't believe they're already out of size 5s" - repeatedly.  I ripped my coat off, threw it into the cart, looked at Wally and said "Game on" and off I flew.  I approached the endcap from the side and was able to slide the newborn sizes out out without being detected.  I also wanted a couple of size 5s, so I went up front and asked if they had any more in the back. The nice cashier called to the back and they did.  We went back to the store and waited.  In the meantime, there was an older couple there wanting size 5s for their grandchild.  We waited only about one minute, the sales clerk came out with the size 5s and we were on our way.  I think Wally secretly enjoyed it. The ladies that were griping about them not having size 5s had left by then so they were out of luck.  But we scored bigtime!!!

We went by Best Buy and Wally bought a new TV for his office with a giftcard that his boss gave him for Christmas (thanks Manish!!).  He was anxious to get home and install it, so I dropped him off.  I knew that amount of shopping that was all I could really ask of him anyway.

I was off to second home......
I ordered more Revlon qs from Ebay and they had arrived.  My plan was to get a couple of the Revlon foundations that were bogo, I had $2 mfg qs and there is a Wags q in the Wags January book.  They ended up being a little more than I thought, so I purchased a couple of clearance eye items, which are $2.19 and BOGO, used two $2 Revlon qs, which gave me a little overage, plus I had a $2 rr.  I paid a total of $1.64 for $46.62 worth of product.  Not too shabby!!!!
Here is a pic of the loot:

While I was there, my favorite associate pointed out all of the orange clearance stickers that had been placed on the shelves.  There were some really killer deals, but, guess what - I left my large binders at home - geez!!!!

I left there and went home to get my binders.....but I did not go straight back, instead, I stopped at Food Lion in Pfafftown, on Yadkinville Road.

There were some hot chocolate deals, a Special K deal, I had two free International Delight Creamer IPs that I received for "friending" them on Facebook and I needed eggs.  I got my items and was off to the register. Let me reiterate - this was the Yadkinville Road location in Pfafftown (don't you just love free speech!!!)  I handed the cashier my coupons and she asked the manager that was bagging what she should do.  The manager looked at my coupons and said that they did not accept internet coupons for free items....and, since I had two coupons for bogo items, and technically I was receiving something for free, I could not use those as well. She did inform me that I could use the $1 IP for the one box of cereal.  I quickly let her know that I had to purchase all 5 boxes to get the deal.  As the cashier was voiding off 75% of my order, I asked the manager when the policy changed and she said that recently received an email from corporate.  I asked her (very nicely) how the customer is supposed to know - where is their coupon policy located?  She didn't know if it was on the internet or not.  Wickedly having a little fun, I kept pushing and asked her if I should call or email corporate everytime I came to Food Lion so that I would know of any changes?  How is the customer supposed to know?????  She didn't know yet again.  And yes, I will be emailing corporate....

Update:  Here is the response from corporate, 10 days later.  It's a very nice letter, but they did not answer my question.

January 12, 2010

Mrs. Missy Coates
Dear Mrs. Coates:
Thank you for your recent email. We sincerely appreciate you contacting us.
Our company will gladly accept manufacturer and store coupons, provided they scan in our register system. We will however, decline the use of single-sided coupons offering a free product, free internet coupons.a coupon that has a higher dollar amount than the value of the product, a competitors' coupon, or if the coupon appears to be fraudulently generated, copied, or reproduced. Unfortunately, we will only accept one coupon per item. I hope you find this information beneficial and do apologize for any inconvenience. Please feel free to speak to the store manager with any concerns you have.
Again, Mrs. Coates, thank you for taking the time to contact us. If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.
A Leader in Your Community,
Consumer Research Specialist

As you can see in the pic below, I purchased 2 boxes of FL brand Hot Cocoa, 1 box of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, 1 2-liter of 7 Up and 1 dozen eggs.......all for a grand total of $1.41.

 Sorry - The 7-Up is missing from the pic!!

On to the next store....Wags again....

I have minimal qs for the items that were on clearance, but still did well.  I paid $1.34 for the following (non coupon/sale price would have been $31.47):

The LaCross items were bogo, so that made for more bang for my buck.
Specifically, in the pic are two foot lotions, three nail polishes, one eye makeup pencil, two nail clippers and the Nivea cream, travel size.  Not too shabby!!!

Rite Aid....
I wanted to do the Benevia deal and they had some makeup on clearance and I had qs.  I got four 4 packs of Benevia, one Covergirl Mineral Makeup, one Oral B toothbrush, Reeses Cups (Christmas clearance) and one RA facial apricot scrub.  I should've gotten more items, because I was not able to use all of my qs.  The manager was very nice and patient.  The mfg q for the toothbrush beeped, so I gave him a RA q and all was well. My total was $2.02 for the following:

And next we have CVS.  I made the mistake of going to a CVS that I was not familiar with and walked in circles at that store. I know they probably thought I was shoplifting because I was darting in and out of isles.  Anyway, I picked up (no pun intended - I paid for everything - even though it SEEMS I really did rob them) three Coke Zeros, one Colgate toothpaste, a three pack of Ivory Soap and two boxes of Sweet-N-Low.  I was trying to use an $8.00 RR before it expires next week and the Sweet-N-Low was bogo. I also purchased a CVS Green Bag Tag.  I usually take my own bags to the store and  by purchasing this tag for .99, for every four times that I come in with my bags, they scan the tag and I will receive $1 in ecbs.  My oop was $1.33 and I received $3 in ecbs.  My savings was $17.26.  Here's the pic:

Wally needed some screws from Home Depot, and I was close, so I picked those up for him.  No picture....

Next on the docket was a different Food Lion. The one on Country Club road.....where the managers are very helpful .  When I entered the store, I asked a manager what the policy was on IPs and she said that she would have to look at them.  She glanced at them and said that they were fine, so off I went.  I got two FL Hot Cocoa mixes, one Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa mix, two Int'l Delight Creamers, and 5 boxes of Special K Cereal.  With all of the coupons, my total was -.13.  I quickly grabbed a banana and paid .15.  I really enjoyed that banana.  I was hungry from shopping. I do not have a pic of this....I am slacking....I know.....

BUT - here is a pic of all of my loot for the day:

My total OOP for the day was $23.88
Value without sales/coupons: $244.97

Impressed?  I certainly am.....But....with that being said, let's talk about necessity.  Less than half of these items are "necessary".  They are the diapers, eggs, Int'l Delight creamer, Sweet-N-Low and soda and cereal. These items, without qs or sales would total approximately $100.  With qs and sales, their value is $18.86.  Is the extra $5.02 oop really worth it???? I think yes.  The makeup is a great luxury that I would be too frugal to buy with the sale/q, the Benevia will go to a neighbor, whose elderly father lives with them, the Hot Cocoa will go to the food pantry. The remainder will go into the "bunker" for our use or a future donation. You can't buy a value meal at McDonald's for that!!!

Thanks for listening!!!