Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grocery Store deals for the week of 11/2 - 11/8

Just in case you have been hiding under a rock, Harris Teeter is having Super Doubles this week. 

In this post, you can find the "official" shopping list, however, there are some other items that are on sale and a good deal that do not require coupons. It does happen......sometimes......

Sweet Onions .99 lb

Eastern Apples, $1.39 lb

Boneless NY Strip Steak, $5.99 lb

Pork Chops, $2.97 lb

IF you are not at HT 100% of your allotted shopping time, check out Food Lion and Lowes Foods deals for the week.

Russet Potatoes, 10 lb bag, $3.99

Green Bell Peppers, .50 ea

Yellow Onions, 3 lb bag, $1.99

Gala or Gold Apples, 3 lb bag, $2.99

Navel Oranges, 4 lb bag, $3.99

Limes, .20 ea

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, $1.99 lb

Russet Potatoes, 10 lb bag, $2.98

Yellow Cooking Onions, 3 lb bag, $1.98

Whole Carrots, 2 lb bag, $1.48

Sunburst Tangerines, 3 lb bag $2.98

Red Grapefruit, 5 lb bag, $3.98

McIntosh or Rome Apples, $1.49 lb

Red Grapefruit, 5 lb bag, $3.98

Boneless Bottom Round Roast, $2.99 lb

All Natural Assorted Pork Chops, $2.49 lb

Gold Medal Flour, 5 lbs, $2.29
use the .50 printable, Link: GM
= $1.29

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