Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who dreams about Dove Soap for Men?

Apparently, I do.  I will admit that I have had some strange dreams, but frankly, as a couponer, it's not that strange for me to dream about soap - or coupon trips, or stockpiles......I could go on.

Even though I don't regularly do the matchups for the grocery stores and drug store, I still coupon and shop the sales.  When I miss a deal, my best coupon friend does them for me.  We are a coupon tag team, if you will.

Every Monday/Tuesday afternoon, I check my favorite websites to make sure that I am not missing a last minute deal at one of the grocery stores before the new sale starts on Wednesday.  A lot of times, the best sales rear their ugly head and I am scrambling to find that coupon or "borrow" one from my best coupon friend. Also, I have recognized (and accepted) that I get a HUGE thrill from doing a coupon deal on the last day. It's sort of like I am back to the honeymoon stage of couponing.

That was a long story - back to why I dreamed about Dove Soap for Men.  Sometimes, a good deal is a good deal. Free is a good deal, or saving 98% is a good deal, but a moneymaker is a GREAT deal. A $3.75 moneymaker is a fantastic deal (in my book, anything over a $1.00 moneymaker is a great deal).

Currently, there is a E-Coupon for $3.75 off a 6 pack of the Dove Men Car Body and Face Bar.  Last week, it was regular price at Harris Teeter - $7.99.  We also have a $4.00 mfg. coupon = Good Deal.  It was on a lot of the coupon websites - BUT, since I did my "homework" I realized that it was going to be on sale starting Wednesday, so I waited.

THIS week, they are on sale (clearanced out) for $3.99.  Take into account the above-mentioned E-Coupon and mfg. coupon = FANTASTIC DEAL (choir of angels).  Knowing that the stock would be depleated quickly, I stopped in on my way to work.  I had SEVERAL coupons and wanted to get them all, but since I am not a shelf-clearer, I only got two. The bad news is that since they are clearanced out, the chances of them restocking are slim to none.

The end result:

2 packs of the Dove Men Car Body and Face Bar
1 bag of Rold Gold Pretzels (the husband's favorite)
1 Yoplait yogurt to cover the difference - no coupon, living on the wild side!
Total after $3.75 E-Coupon and 2 $4.00 coupons: .85 
Looking back, I didn't have to get the yogurt, but I did not want to get to the register and be in the neagitve - plus - it was a treat from me to me.  Yogurt is a treat??? Yes, when it's the regular kind, not the fat free!


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Kristen said...

Love this made me laugh :)