Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CHEAP Cake Mix and Frosting at Lowes Foods

I cannot believe I am writing this post because Lowes Foods has really ticked me off (see rant at the bottom of this post). I normally would not "recommend" a store that doesn't treat me like a valued customer, but I know you will benefit from this sale, so I'm taking one for the team. Just don't expect to get good customer service from the University Parkway, Summit Square location in Winston Salem. (There, I feel better.)

Lowes Foods has their three week coupons in September 7th's ad.  If you are reading this post after Sept. 7th, you will need to go to customer service and ask for a copy of the three week in-ad coupons (expires 9/27/11).

There are two in-ad coupons that are of special interest:
  • $2.00 off instantly wyb 4 Betty Crocker cake mix or frosting
  • $2.00 off instantly wyb 4 Betty Crocker brownies or dessert bars
The cake mix and frosting is on sale for $1.25 $1.50 ea (sale ends 9/26).  Use the .75 wyb both cake mix and frosting coupon from the 8/7 GM = FREE .25 ea
The dessert bars are on sale for $2.00 (sale ends 9/26).  Use the .75/2 from the 8/7 GM OR the 8/28 SS
= .75 ea
Normally, I would not pay .75 for a box mix, but my daughter (as well as her friends that sit with her at lunch during school) LOVE the cookie brownies, and yes, they are as good as they sound.
This is where I ran into problems. 
I purchased 4 cake mixes, 4 frostings and 4 boxes of cookie brownies, all Betty Crocker.  Used 4 coupons for the cake mix/frosting and 2 coupons for the cookies brownies.  I paid a little over $6.00. I thought that was a little high, so on the way out, I checked my receipt.  The last two coupons did not double so I went to customer service. They tried to tell me that since ALL of the items and coupons were for the same manufacturer, that only 4 would double.  I asked again, and the customer service manager confirmed this.
I called Lowes Foods Corporate Offices and filed a complaint, so hopefully, you will not have this problem. For the record, Corporate agreed with me (no surprise there) and was very apologetic and helpful.
 It was easy for me to catch this error by purchasing only 12 items.  Can you image how much money that customers are loosing if they are brand loyal and use more than four coupons for the same manufacturer in one transaction when they do their weekly grocery shopping?

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