Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles First Trip October 31, 2012

The early bird gets the worm....and free ham on the first day of Super Doubles.

My PIC (partner in crime) arrived at 6:58 and were the first in "line" (there were only about ten people there).  We had our list ready, our coupons pulled and cart ready to roll. The doors opened and we were off.  We tag teamed.  He pulled half of the items and I pulled the remainder of the items on our list. We were done in 5 minutes and doing a high five as we were heading to the checkout.  Practice what you preach and wait to celebrate when you get to the car, because something might happen.  I have not always done this and today is a good example.

The PIC's total was $15.  WAYYY too high.  Sure enough, the Gwaltney bacon was not on sale and I thought it was. Not all of the sale tags were up yet.

My total was in the negative - and we hadn't voided my Gwaltney bacon off yet.  Sometimes I get a negative amount, but usually it's because of n ZSaver coupon, but not today.  I used a BOGO raincheck on a BOGO sale, which is against the rules, but with the sale tags not being up, I didn't know it was already on sale and BOGO sale price is not deducted by the register until the end. We ended up re-ringing my entire order for simplicity. It took a few more minutes than I anticipated, but the cashiers and customer service associates were fabulous.  They helped me figure everything out. My problem was thier problem as well.  That is why this is "my" store - their customer service is out of this world!!!

The totals are below:

PIC's totals:

6 McCormick Cinnamons (small bottles)
The sale tag was not up, so the larger bottles would have been $1.57 instead of $1.69 for the smaller bottles.  I will be exchanging them.
3 pkgs Smithfield Ham Steaks
6 pkgs of Ore-Ida frozen potatoes
2 Al Fresco Sausages
3 pkgs Smithfield Bacon

Retail Value:  $64.86
VIC Savings:  $22.63
Coupons: $34.13
Paid: $8.10
Savings of: 88%

My totals:

3 pkgs Smithfield Ham Steaks
3 pkgs Smithfield Bacon
6 pkgs of Ore-Ida frozen potatoes
2 Silk Fruit and Protein drinks

Retail Value:  $50.79
VIC Savings: $19.21
Coupons: $27.54
Paid: $4.04
Savings of: 93%

Good luck everyone!  Leave a post and share your totals with everyone.

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