Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 2012 Beach Project - 1 of 3

Are you curious where I have been all summer?  Here goes....

Our family inherited a beach "project".  We had the opportunity to acquire a mobile home on family land located a couple of miles from the beach.  The mobile home was abandoned by the owner (who rented the land) and was closed up for several years.  On the land are two mobile homes, two VERY old storage buildings that the weeds and woods have taken over, and a usable storage building.  It needed a lot of TLC, but structurally, the "main" mobile home was sound. The yard had been cut by my Uncle (who lives across the street), and my Dad, when he was in the area, but still needed a good weed eating, the bushes trimmed and a tree needed to come down. This is where we began the project.  A weekend of yard work.....in mid-July.....oh my.....

Creepy - huh????

Below are after pictures of the yard.  Even though my Uncle cut the grass for years, he still came over and helped us cut the tree down and clear the limbs.  I could only hope to have the energy and stamina that he has at his age. He also burned the brush for us, which was a tremendous help and time saver.

The next step was to get water and electricity.  The electricity was fairly easy - we just made a call, but the water was a different story.  The mobile home was previously on a well.  We had the task of digging the lines, laying the pipe, making the connections to city water and getting it inspected.  My husband is perfectly capable of doing all of these tasks (except for the inspection part), but time was not on our side. 

Being 4 1/2 hours away from this little paradise-in-the-making, we needed to hire some of it out.  Once again, my uncle came to the rescue.  His golf buddy is a plumber.  We rented a ditch-witch, dug the lines and fought some gnarly roots.  My husband won, of course.  With those guns, the roots had little chance. Golf Buddy laid the lines and made the connections, after his golf game.  Did I mention he was retired?

We have water - CHOIR OF ANGELS!!!! The electricity was also turned on...another CHOIR OF ANGELS!!!! and nothing blew up when we flipped the switch - A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!

We were not very optimistic about what the inside of the mobile home looked like due to condition of the outside, but were very pleasantly surprised. 

Living Room

The first thing I spotted was the wonderfully retro hanging lamp in the corner. I also took a mental note of what could be re-used in the rooms.


I am very pleased with the size of the kitchen.  There is plenty of counter space and storage.




Master Bedroom


As you can see in the bedroom, there was mold damage, as well as in the hall and bathroom.  This was the first item on the list to address. 

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am a SUPER PLANNER.  I can organize the heck out of a project/task.  It was on......I opened Excel, pulled out the "big boy paper" and started planning.  I had every weekend planned out - our work timeline with how long it was going to take and what materials were needed.

Sorry to leave you hanging, but this is the end of  Post  1 for the 2012 Beach Project. I will publish Post 2 in a week or so with pictures of the actual renovation.

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