Monday, March 4, 2013

Super Doubles at select Harris Teeters - March 6 - 12

You read correctly........Super Doubles AGAIN at select Harris Teeter locations.  The Winston Salem area is included on the list!

Are you tired ??? I am very tired.  As most of you know, I do 90% of my grocery shopping during Harris Teeter's Super Doubles events.  I shop EVERY SINGLE DAY during an event.  Usually events only happen about once every five or six weeks.  THIS TIME, there is only a two week break in between.  Am I complaining?  NO - maybe.....

When my friend Vanessa lived here, we would sometimes "tag team".  I would do a Super Doubles run, her crew would meet me at the store after I checked out. I would take her girls to my house and cook dinner for all of us.  After her run, we would eat and compare notes (savings).  I will never forget the time she came to our house, exausted on a Tuesday night - the last evening of a Super Doubles event and proclaimed "EXAMS ARE OVER - FINALLY!!!" There is a huge sense of accomplishment when finishing an Exam...uh - I mean a Super Doubles event. 

It always seems like I forget one or two things that I intended to get before an event ends.  On more than one occassion, I have woken up on a Tuesday night at 11:30 (last day of a Super Doubles event) and debated - can I get to the 24 hour store in time to get the items that I forgot?  I never do - the backlash from the husband would not be worth it. 

I hope you are caught up on your coupon organization - If not, shame on you, it's only been two weeks!!!

Good luck everyone!

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