Friday, April 30, 2010

Grocery Store Pics for week of 4/28/10

New York Strips: $5.99/lb
Chicken Leg Quarters: .49/lb., sold in 10 lb. bags (not really a stockpile price - during summer, they will be .39/lb.)

Gala Apples: .99/lb.
Avacados: .69 ea.

Peter Pan is still on sale for $1.66, use the $1.50/4 printable, Link: Peter Pan
Final Price: $1.29 ea.

Triples, of a result, I am only going to highlight the meats/fruits/veges and items that do not have coupons associated with them, but are still a good deal.

Ribeye Steaks: $5.99/lb
Whole Boston Butt:  .99/lb

HT Large White Eggs: .99/doz.

Rotisserie Chicken: $4.99 ea

Ben and Jerry's Icecream: $2.50
Starbucks Icecream: $2.50
(Maybe with all the $ you are saving on triples, you can splurge and get yourself a treat - make sure to pack a spoon so that you can eat it in the car in the parking lot and get rid of the evidence before you get home!!!)

Lowes Foods is having a three day sale:
Fresh Express Garden Salad: .89, limit 2
Lowes Foods Canned veges, .47 ea
6 Ct. Cinnamon Rolls from the bakery BOGO ($1.49) hummm - something to think about!!!

Weekly Sale:

Hass Avacados: .99 ea.
Pineapple: $2.99 ea.

Sanderson Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast: $1.97/lb.
Sanderson Farms Bonless Chicken Thighs: $2.79/lb. (I LOVE these!!!)

Lowes Foods Spread Quarters: .50

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