Friday, April 30, 2010

Triples trip(s) - Thursday, 4/29

Since this is my blog, I have the choice to tell you guys what I want/feel you need to know.  Alot of times, I think that you think that I am the perfect "Coupon Queen" because I share my deals with you and, I'll admit - they are usually pretty good.  However, I do screw up and don't always tell you.  This week, I'm putting it out there.  Here goes.....
So....I was at the 24 hour store at 6:15 on Thursday morning.  I will not be able to shop on Friday/Saturday (say it isn't so!!!), so I had to get a good shopping trip in.

I did two transactions - which I don't normally do, but I had reached my 20 coupon limit by Isle #6.  There was no one in the store AND the U-Scan cashier was extreeeemely nice - especially considering that he had been there ALL night.

I used my card for the first transaction and my Mom's card for the 2nd transaction.  Paid exactly what I thought I should've paid and picked up a couple of treats things for co-workers who bring me their Sunday inserts. 

Life is good - I even had time to drop the cold stuff off at the house.

My BFF co-worker/couponer and I did a run at lunch.  She has not had a chance to go and I did not need an excuse. BUT - I had a terrible headache.  STILL, that didn't stop me.  She drove - which made it do-able. 

We get there and she quickly reaches her 20 coupon limit.  I picked up a few thing and filled the remainer 20 with her items. 

Her checkout is very smooth, her total is just as expected.  My turn next.  My original is $35.58.  The cashier scanned my coupons and I'm down to 9.98.  OMG - how could this be???? It should only be about $3 something???  I double check the coupons, double check the prices and everything looks fine.  Some of the coupons did not fully triple, but they will only triple up the amount of the item and there were plenty of things that I purchased that were under the amount of the items.  I suck it up, pay and we leave. Also, let me say that the cashier was VERY patient and scrolled up and down on the screen several times for me and even apoligized.  It certainly was not her fault.  She was VERY helpful.

Sitting in Chick Fil A, the light bulb goes off.  I used my Mom's card this morning to get a few items AND I used it today at lunch.  Not all of the coupons tripled.  OMG - my head STILL hurts, I'm in a fog and I paid $7 more than I should've.  OMG I think I will die (as I enjoy my Chick Fil A $6 meal - which my friend paid for because she felt so bad for me.  She also tried to pay for my groceries but I wouldn't let her). 

It's actually quite comical now.  My headache is gone and my mind is clear (as clear as it can get).  It's $7 for goodness sake.  BUT - good thing I don't do this type of thing often - that could get really expensive!!!

How have your trips been?  Had any troubles/funny things happen to you?  I would love to hear about them!!!

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