Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March 2010 Savings

This was a fantastic month.  My goal was to shop less and purchase items that were free/absolute necessity.  My percentage of savings is extremely high and out of pocket was extremely low.  One thing that helped facilitate this was that I was on mini-vaca and didn't shop for 3 days  - (and I lived to tell about it - wow!). With that being said, I am starting to get low on a few things such as meat, pasta sauce and frozen bread. And, as a reminder....these totals include ONLY groceries/health and beauty aids....Not gas, clothing, shoes, or eating out. 

Here are my totals:

Total Shelf Cost: $712.95
Total Coupon Savings: $320.48
Total Sale Savings: $274.40
Amount Paid Out of Pocket: $118.07
Rebates Owed: $34.99
Amount Paid (after rebates): $83.08
Savings Rate: 88.35%

I also spent about $22 on coupons in March.  I lead a team of couponers that purchase items for "Bridging the Gap" food pantry at Bridges Church and about half of those coupons were used for them. I could get reimbursed from the church for this, but my goal each month is to spend about $5 per week on donation items.  I think this could be considered a "donation" item, especially since I use these coupons to purchase items for the food pantry.

Have a great spring - enjoy the weather!!!

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aiyana's mom said...

inspirational, as always!