Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day Totals for HT Super Doubles

My first visit for super doubles at my beloved Robinhood Village Harris Teeter was after work.  I usually go before work the first day, but I needed to be at work early, so I couponed all day..... in my head, of course.

The best husband on the face of the planet just happens to be mine and he happily went with me to do a transaction. Yea, I live in a fantasy world!

Anyway, my favorite cashier/customer service manager was tied up so I had to break in a new cashier, which did a great job by the way. As he was ringing up my husband's order, I was talking with my cashier/customer service BFFs, with one of my coupons friends in the next lane (thanks for the Ragu coupon April!!) Life is good.....surrounded by good coupon carma. So...hubby says "Missy" in a "look at me - we have an issue" way.  I looked and he said "It's a negative".  I quickly threw in two items from my order that actually cost something and his total was .93. 

Next was my turn.  My order was non-eventful.  Below are the totals for both orders:

Retail:  $87.76
Coupons: $67.69
Vic Savings: $14.38
Total out of pocket: $5.69
% of Savings: 93%

I won't list everything I got.....mainly off the shopping list post for HT Super Doubles on my blog.  They were out of the Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese, but most everything else was in stock. I needed TP and hubby wanted cookies that we didn't have a coupon for, hense the "high" out of pocket.  Some things are necessary.

As usual, the employees at the Robinhood Village Harris Teeter were exceptional.  I received quick service at the checkout, even though they were really busy. I highly recommend this store to everyone.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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