Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pop Tarts anyone?

I made a quick trip to Harris Teeter to do the Pop-Tart deal.  I couldn't let this one get away and have been thinking about it ALL day!!

Purchase 10 select Kelloggs items and get a catalina for $10 off your next order.  The Pop-Tarts are on sale for $1.09 for the 8 pack.......AND you get a $10 catalina AND there are coupons from TWO different inserts to go along with this deal.

Here's the math:
10 x $1.09 = 10.90
use 5 x $1/2 = -$5.00
pay $5.90
get $10 catalina

Rinse and repeat......purchase the same as above, add $4.10 worth of items (meat and/or produce would be my recommendation), use the $10 catalina, pay tax and get ANOTHER $10 catalina.  OR, if you don't have enough coupons for the second round (and if you do want that many Pop-Tarts), use your $10 catalina and pay only .90 plus tax and get ANOTHER $10 see where I'm going with this??

In total, I purchased 30 boxes of Pop-Tarts, two packs of hamburgers that were reduced (the ones with the seasoning already in them), three jar of Peter Pan, four boxes of the Reynolds Pop-Up foil and two creamers (no coupons for the creamer, but they are our favorite). 41 items total in three transactions.....AND I did not wipe the shelves clean.  There were plenty left on the shelf and on the endcap. I also have shared coupons with a couple of co-worker AND my bff cashier at Harris Teeter.

Total retail (including tax): $93.36
Sale: - $42.04
Coupons: -$43.76
Total: $7.56 out of pocket
Received a $10 Catalina
Grand Total:  $2.44 MONEYMAKER

Harris Teeter has some fantastic deals on reduced meat, and I was hoping to use the $4.10 that I need to roll the $10 catalina.  There was not much that I was interested in, so I went for the creamer.  It was actually a very hard decision - I needed to spend $5 in the grocery store on the spot.  Normally, Mrs. Freshleys would be a no-brainer (my family loves them and it is a special treat), but the last thing I needed to bring home were MORE items with tons of sugar in them.

Good luck to you all and let me know if you have any questions.

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