Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it really worth the fight?

To argue or not to argue - that's the question.

Let me set the scene for it. 
You could be at home, sitting in the recliner, drinking hot chocolate and catching up on your soaps, but no.....your coupon conscious mind made you get in the car and actually "do" your deals - you know, the ones that you wrote down in your handy dandy notebook (can I tell you how many times I have written my deals down, pulled the coupons and DIDN'T do the deal!!! ARGH!!!) You have made it to the store, spent too much time shopping and got to the register only to hit a snag. You have three choices at this point.  Give in and purchase the items without the coupons (which I DO NOT recommend), walk away and leave everything there (which I have done before) or F I G H T.
Normally, I do not argue with cashiers.  I feel that they are only "saving" their behinds from getting chewed out and/or loosing their jobs when they tell me that I cannot use a coupon.  However, there are times that I will argue up and down, especially when I KNOW that I am right, and well within their coupon policy....there's something about listening to Miranda Lambert in the car on the way to the store that will motivate you to stand up for what you know is right - even if it's only a coupon!!! Plus, you will have a good story to tell your coupon friends - trust me when I say that your family won't appreciate it - so don't waste your breath!
All of this, only to re-direct to you to another blog.  But wait - it's totally worth it.  Melanie, from The Coupon Goddess blog, had an interesting experience and blogged about it.  She's actually the reason that I started this blog.  She is my inspiration and I aspire to write more like her......but until that happens, visit her at . I can guarantee you will loose time there.  The first time I visited it, I couldn't stop reading!!


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