Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheap Philly Cooking Cremes at Food Lion - ends 3/8/11

This is one of those deals that is effortless (my favorite kind).  If you have 5 minutes - literally (unless the checkout lanes are busy), you CAN do this deal.

Thanks goes to Anita for this......

Philly Cooking Cremes are on sale for $2.50 at Food Lion. When you purchase 3, AND donate $1 to the Easter Seals, you get $3 off instantly.  PLUS, there is a blinkie machine located in front of the product with $1.50 coupons (confirmed at the Rural Hall FL). 

Here's the breakdown:
3 x $2.50 = $7.50
1 Easter Seal = $1.00
Subtotal: $8.50
Get $3 off instantly = -$3.00
Use 3 x $1.50 coupon = -4 .50
Grand Total: $1.00 plus tax
= .33 ea

PLUS - Tia aka "Simply Complicated" has reporting find the tearpads at Lowes Foods.

You REALLY don't have an excuse NOT to do this deal!!!

Also, I have been chosen to host a "PHILLY Dinnertime Dilemma House Party".  This sale will really come in handy!!

While I can't invite all of you, if you are interested in checking out some recipes, follow this link:  Philly


Deedee said...

Well, you convinced me to go pick some up. Stopped in on my way to pick up my older girl up from preschool. When I walked in I didn't notice any Easter seals signs or anything. So, I just figured they'd taken the signs down already. I told the cashier I would like to buy and Easter seals thing. And she said the deal was over yesterday. I thought oh, I guess it was a separate thing from the regular ad so it must have had its own end date. I just went ahead and got the cooking cremes anyway. And as I walked out there was a big display that said through March 8. Ugh, I knew I was in the wrong cashier line (as always).

Missy said...

I am sorry!!! Don't you hate it when that happens?? I have done it too....