Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Super Doubles Run, March 23, 2011

This is one of those days that I have to keep telling myself that it's all worth it. 

My total was very high.  I did not have time to figure it out in the store. I am not really sure what happened, but the powers to be are looking into it and I have no doubt it will be resolved.

Stock was a bit of a concern on a few items.  The Furmano's tomatoe cans are HUGE, so they take up a lot of space.  The tomatoes, as well as the Smuckers Waffles and frozen Pictsweet veges were on sale last week, and the stock is getting low on those items.

All in all, I was happy with the trip.  I had to regroup when they are out of stock/low on a couple of items, but I rolled with the punches.

Here are the totals....
Retail Value: $150.58
E-VIC savings: $54.10
E-Coupons: $9.17
Coupons: $59.23
Total OOP:  $28.08
Savings of 81.5%
My total should've been around $9.50
Which would be a savings of 93.5%

Good Luck to everyone!!

Leave a comment to share your successful shopping trips (say that three times).


Simply Complicated said...

Let me try this again. I typed up an entire, long comment once and it didn't go through and was lost. Grrr.

I've been twice now. Day 1 I went really early (just after 8 am) and there was still quite a lot of stock on the freebies that I wanted. By today, though, that stuff is GONE. I was going to pick up several things for the kids today (Danimals, snackin waffles) and that stuff was wiped out. Same for Smart Balance milk. I was surprised that there was still Bailey's creamers, though!

My total OOP for Day 1 was slightly higher than it would have been because I went ahead and got the B2G3 chicken nuggets. My 4 year old lives on them and we were almost out, so I figured that was an alright deal and didn't require coupons (since I couldn't find any for them) so I went ahead and threw them in the cart.

Today's total was high and my percent saved was lower than it should have been. I'm a little disgusted and still going over my receipt to see how. I do know that 3 of my $1 coupons didn't get scanned (but did get kept, yay) so that was $6 that should have come off. I didn't realize it until I was at home, though. I know how it happened - I used the U scan, and right as I was going to give the cashier my coupons two of the other U scans started having issues. I think she was distracted and ended up not scanning those 3 (she had to keep putting down the coupons to help someone). I should have been counting them on the screen, but I didn't. *kicks rocks*

Day 1:
Retail Value: $137.61
VIC savings: $58.52
E-coupons: $7.18
Coupons: $39.20
Total OOP: $32.71
Savings of 76%

Day 2:
Retail value: $98.10
VIC savings: $32.82
E-coupons: $3.19
Coupons: $29.70
Total OOP: $32.39
Savings of 67%

See? Only 67% saved during super doubles is something to be ashamed of, lol. If my $6 had come off it would have been 71% savings. And the worst part is not only did I not get that $6 off today, but because the coupons were kept I won't be able to use them at all. :\

Missy said...

I am troubles were you u-scan as well. Oh well, better than paying full price!

Keep up the good work!!!

Deedee said...

This is the first time something hasn't messed up for me. First day they were out of the Philly cooking creme and I got the last smart balance milk they had. I was expecting it, so I wasn't too disappointed. Spent $10 saved $90 with $3.50 for mynext order. Pretty good.

Second day they had the Philly cooking creme and more stock on the smart balance milk. So I was happy to get some - but I didn't clear the shelf!! Anyway I got some produce and still spent $13 and saved about 90 again. Anyone's store have the YoPlus yogurt?

Missy said...

That's great Deedee.

I went last night and CS fixed my problems from Wed. morning. My transaction was great last night. My OOP was still around $8, but I got water and the Furmano tomatoes, so I was happy.

Anonymous said...

It's not too late for HT double coupons! I went this afternoon and they're fully stocked.