Friday, March 4, 2011

How much does dinner cost at our house?

 Sorry to brag, but I was fairly impressed with a recent dinner that I whipped up.  We were limited on time that evening and this is a perfect excuse to grab something out, but I was strong and cranked this out in about 15 minutes.

I had a couple of zucchinis in the fridge that I picked up from the "special" rack at HT that I needed to use.

I purchased Jimmy Dean Sausage during Super Doubles. There was a yellow $1 off HT coupon attached, AND I had a $1 off 2 coupon so I paid about $1.00 for it. Free pasta AND Philly's Cooking Creme that I have been DYING to use would be perfect with these.

Here's the rundown:
Pasta:  Free
Philly Cooking Cream:  -1.85 (deal during Super Doubles)
Zucchini: .23
EVOO: ??? Mabe .10 worth
Sausage:  .50 (used half)
Grand Total:  -$1.02

AND - There are enough leftovers for a lunch!!!

I would like to thanks Food Lion for running the sale on pasta AND Harris Teeter for having Super Doubles on a regular basis!

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Deedee said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome dinner! You are so creative to throw something together like that.