Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Super Doubles Run, April 27, 2011

The shopping trip went fairly well this morning.

The stock was already low and I was one of only a couple of people there shopping at 7:00.  I spoke with the grocery mgr. and told him the items that were going to be sold out.  He said that he had already ordered all of them, except for one - KUDOS to him!!!

Here are the details:

2 Chocolate Silk 1/2 gallons
2 Smart Balance 1/2 gallons
2 Pictsweet Edamames (small boxes) (tearpads)
9 Birdseye Veges
1 Minute Rice (frozen)
3 Philly Cooking Cremes
1 Log Cabin Syrup
2 Milka Bars
2 Buitoni Pasta (coupons from CLT/RDU area)

Total Retail: $69.49
VIC Savings: 22.47
Coupons: $40.85
Total OOP: $6.17

I really wanted some of the Rubbermaid glass containers, and RHood Village did not have them.  I made a quick run at Whitaker at lunch and they did not have them as well.  If you run across them, please leave me a comment.  Deedee, if you happen to go to Cloverdale, could you check for me?

As usual, if I have missed a deal, could you leave a comment and I will add it to the shopping list?

Good luck to everyone!!

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Deedee said...

No Rubbermaid glass at Cloverdale :(