Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grocery Store Deals for the week of 4/13 - 4/19/11

If you are reading this post and are not from the Winston Salem area, double check the prices for meat before you go to the store.  Normally, the sale prices are the same, but especially at Food Lion, the meat prices are different. is reporting them higher than what the sales flyers are showing.

Cantaloupes, Large, $1.99 ea 
Gala Apples .99 lb
Mangoes .99 ea

Smithfield Spiral Sliced Ham $1.57 lb
Smithfield Shank Portion Smoked Ham $.97 lb

Food Lion Canned Vegetables, 14.5-15.25 oz, .39

Arm & Hammer or All Liquid Detergent, 45-50 oz., $2.99
Use the $1.50/1 Free Clear Oxi-Active Detergent from the 4/10 RP
= $1.49
This seems to be a newer line of detergent.  I am not sure if our stores carry this yet and/or it's included in the sale.  If anyone finds out, please leave a comment and I will update the post.

Palermo's Thin Crust or Hand Tossed Pizza, 12", BOGO at $3.49 ea., limit 2 free
Use the $1/2 printable, Link: Pal
= $2.99 ea

E Vic:
Capri Sun $1.47, limit 1

Buy 2 Get 3 Free:
Starkist Chunk Light Tuna .95
Use the .75/2 from the 3/6 RP (expires 4/17)
= .40 for 5 or .08 ea
Please consider picking this up as a donation item!
Buy 1 Get 2 Free (rings up 1/3 price)

Red Grapes $1 lb
Pineapple $2 ea
Papayas $2.50 ea
Mangoes .75 ea
Kiwi .33 ea

T-Bone or Porterhouse, $5.88 lb

HT Boneless Chicken Breast, IQF, 2.5 lb bag
= $3.29 ea
= $1.32/lb
This is my favorite way to buy chicken.  IQF = individually quick frozen.  Freezerburn is at a minimum and you can pull out just one or two pieces at a time.

Athenos Hummus, 7 oz, BOGO at $1.49 ea

Vlasic Dill Kosher Spears, 32 oz, and Pickles, 24 oz, BOGO $1.69 ea
Use the .55 printable, Link: Vlasic
= .59 ea

Uncle Ben’s Rice, or Ready Rice 6-9 oz, $1.67
Use the .75 printable, Link: UB
= .17

McCormick Extracts, Food Coloring, and Grill Mates, 1.06-1.13 ozs, BOGO at .62+ ea
Use the $1 coupon from the 3/13 RP
OR the .75 coupon from the 4/10 RP
= as low as FREE

Lipton Tea Bags, 24 ct, BOGO at $1.34 ea
Use the .75/2 from the 3/27 RP
= $1.18 for two boxes. 
This is a good price, but not a stockpile price.  It has been a long time since we have gotten free tea.

Bestlife Butter spread BOGO at $1.29 ea
Use the .50 coupon from the 4/3 SS
= .29

Shedd’s Country Crock Whipped Spread Easy Squeeze, 10 oz, BOGO at $1.25 ea
Use the .40 printable, Link: CC
= .45

Kraft Velveeta Spicy Buffalo, 16 oz, BOGO at  $2.09 ea
Use the $1 printable, Link: Vel
= $1.09

International Delight Creamer 16 oz, $1.87
Use the .55 printable, Link: Int'l
= .77

Dean’s French Onion Dip, 8 oz, .77
Use the $1/2 printable, Link: Deans
= .27 ea

Cole’s Garlic Bread or Toast, 14-16 oz, BOGO at $1.64 ea
Use the .50 printable, Link: Cole
= .64

Cole’s Mini Loaf, 8 oz, BOGO at  $1.09 ea
Use the .50 printable, Link: Cole

Cantaloupe, BOGO at  $1.74 ea

Cedar’s Hummus 12 oz, BOGO at $1.49 ea
Use the .60/2 printable, Link: Cedar
= .89 ea

Pepperidge Farm 3 Layer Cake, 19 oz, BOGO at $2.24 ea
Use the .55 coupon fromthe 2/27 SS
= $1.14

Pictsweet Deluxe Vegetables 13-16 oz, BOGO at $1.09
Use the .75/2 coupon from the 2/13 SS
= .34 ea


The Gallman Family said...

Missy, If you "like" Athenos on Facebook they have a BOGO coupon for their hummus right now! I printed out 2 yesterday and what a surprise today to see it BOGO this week!

Simply Complicated said...

I didn't see this on any of the regular lists, but Domino 5 lb bags of sugar are on sale at HT this week for $2.99. If you use the $.50/1 q from the 3/27 RP, it makes it $1.99 for 5 lb of sugar. I don't know what a stockpile price is on sugar, but I bought some because I was completely out and needed it. Seemed like a good price to me, lol.

Missy said...

Thanks Simply Complicated - I will add that to the list. Sugar is a very difficult thing to get a good price on. About once a year, LF will have it for $1.25-$1.50 for 4 lbs, but $1.99 is a great deal too!!!

Missy said...

Gallman Family,
I don't think HT will accept this coupon, unfortunately. Their coupon policy states "We gladly accept internet manufacturer’s coupons for product; however no “free” product internet coupons are accepted." I just called my favorite store and they confirmed that they do not accept them. I tried this about a year ago. It did not occur to me that this was considered a "free" product since you are required to purchase one item to get the other free. This is totally up to interpretation. If you find out differently, please leave another post and update us. Thanks so much!!