Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Pizza at Food Lion - OUT OF PRINTS

UPDATE:  This coupon has no prints left.

I normally don't post about a single deal, but this one warrants it's own post, with a gold crown on top.

Palermos pizza is on sale BOGO this week at Food Lion. The tags are up, but it is no listed in the ad (sale ends Tuesday, 5/3).  Print out the BOGO coupon (bricks coupon - don't forget to click the back button to print a second coupon). Link: Palermos BOGO


I paid .26 last night for four pizzas.

To help save time at the register, fill in the amount of the item (in my store, it was $6.99).  Thanks goes to Tonya for this tip!
  • Have the cashier ring up the pizzas
  • Give them the coupons
  • Give them the FL card
  • Pay
  • When thee cashier looks at you in amazement, don't be shocked.  Act like you do this all of the time.  You look wayyy cooler.
  • Wait to do the happy dance and call your BCF (Best Coupon Friend) when you get into your car.  Remember the coolness factor??? This will totally go away when you are hysterically yelling to them through the phone about your total.
  • Don't tell your family how much you paid.  Tell them is was REALLY expensive.  It will taste better to them.
  • Stop reading this post and go do it NOW!!!!


vkersey said...

Hey. I'm new at this, and I can't figure out how you got 4 pizzas. If the pizza is BOGO, that's 2. Do you have to hand the cashier 2 coupons? Sorry to be so dense.

Missy said...

Yes, click the back button to print a second coupon. You will have two coupons for 4 pizza.

Linda Hill said...

You may not know the answer to this, BUT I thought I would ask. I clicked on the link for the coupon for the pizza and it says "you have already printed out the maximum of these coupons." I have not ever printed out this coupon..I can not figure out this one. Any ideas or suggestions??

Kristen said...

Looks like the campaign is out of prints :( But thanks for passing along the deal!

Deedee said...

I hate BOGO's at grocery stores. Last week, I couldn't get the airwick sprays that were supposed to be free. They wanted to do the BOGO coupon on them being half price. She even called over someone to help, her tag didn't say manager though. I hope food lion is better about it.