Saturday, February 4, 2012

Michael's $5 off $5 purchase valid through Saturday, 2/4/2012

Michaels is one of those places that I have a love/hate relationship with.  You walk in and feel like the entire world is at your feet.  OHHHH the possibilities. I could make this, I have been wanting to do this, and on and on.  Just like in the comic books, cloud captions appear, everywhere you turn. It is VERY hard to focus and the "just 10 minutes" that you told your husband and kid turns into 30 minutes and your final decision STILL has not been made. 

The fantastic Michaels currently has a $5 off a $5 or more purchase.  Limit one per customer. 

The hubby and I went last night and I didn't make it 3 feet in the door until the valentine stuff smacked me in the face.  How adorable are the heart covered mini chinese take-out boxes? They were $3.99, so I picked up a  pack of the mini cupcake liners. I paid $1.05 after my coupon.  I picked out a container of the valentine sprinkles for the hubby and he paid $1.06 for his after the coupon.

Enough of my rambling, let's get to the details.  There are exclusions, but they are listed on the coupon.

One other exciting thing is that you don't even have to print it off.  They can scan your phone. 

But wait, there's more.....when I checked out last night, I made a comment to the cashier that I was "old school" by printing the coupon out.  A lot of other people were using their phone.  She said that it didn't matter - for those customers that didn't have a coupon, she had a whole stack printed out in her drawer.  WOWZER - Talk about customer service!!!

I highly recommend you drag your husband along and get him to use one, as it is limit 1 per customer. It was busy last night and I expect it to be a madhouse today. It just adds to the thrill!

Link to the coupon: Michaels

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