Friday, January 15, 2010

This one spoke to me......

I subscribe to anywhere from 5-8 blogs and read them religiously.  You would think that my favorite blog would be one that gives me the scoop on the best deals, but it is not.

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED the blog "The Coupon Goddess" from the first day I opened it.  She does not spell out a ton of deals, like most do, but you could get lost for hours mulling over her own deals and her life in her blog.  She's even nick-named a freezer "The Cheezer" because it holds nothing but cheese!!!

Her latest post really spoke to me.  Do you remember me complaining in a previous post about going out in the rain on a Tuesday night to do "the deal" at the grocery store before the sale turned, but also saying that it was worth it because it would be donated to someone that needed it?  The Coupon Goddess doesn't complain.  She doesn't complain when she has to stand in line for an hour and a half to check out because she is donating 500 boxes of Hamburger Helper!!!

Please check out her blog:

It really makes you sit back and think what MORE we can do to help other.

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Kristen said...

Now that is impressive!! A high five to her for realizing what it could mean not only for her but for the food bank as well. I bet she is their hero!