Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kicking Butt at Harris Teeter and a look at this week's qs for SD

I have been rocking and rolling at HT this week.  I have been focusing on the free items and also feel it my "duty" to do as many Special K deals as possible.  .25 for cereal!!!  Great donation item!!!

Wally has gone with me a lot and that keeps me focused.  I have gotten it down to 30 minutes shopping and 5-8 minutes in checkout (which includes my socializing with the cashiers/manager).  Not too bad!!!

My two totals this morning were .01 and .70.

#1 .01 order:

2 Weight Watchers snack boxes
2 Special K cereals
2 Special K cereal bars
3 Uncle Bens Rice
3 Ivory Soap 3-packs
2 Bandaid travel size
3 Gorton Filets
1 Kings Hawaiian Rolls

#2 .70 order:
3 Uncle Bens Rice
3 Ivory Soap 3-packs
1 Muir Glen Soup
2 Kings Hawaiian Rolls
5 Kraft Cheese
4 Special K Cereals

#1 With this being said, I had a $5 oyno catalina from the cheese deal that I previously earned.  It was actually quite first total was about $4.70 and I wanted to use the $5 catalina that I had.  I added the 3 Gorton Filets and my total was then $4.99 - GIVE ME A BREAK - You've gotta be kidding!!!  I then added the 2 Kings Hawaiian rolls and that put me at .01 - FINALLY!!!!

#2 Same thing goes for the .70 order.  I used a $5 oyno, but also received another $5 oyno.

The best coupons that we received from 1/10s inserts are:

Smart Source:
Post-It, $1.00 HT's prices start at $2.99
Windex Multi-Surface, $1.00, HT has it on sale for $2.50. (this is a good price, but not great)
Grande Tortilla Chips $1.00, HT's price is $2.50.  This is fantastic price - wish I had ordered more qs for this!!!
Dannon Activia $1.00, HT's price is $2.50
Tyson Grilled Chicken Breast Fillets $1.00, HT's price for the breast strips are $3.99.  This is a very high price for chicken, but for $1.99 vs. $3.99 is really good if you buy this item!

That's all I see for the coupon matchups.

I have been extra slack this time with know exactly what my total should be when I get to the register.  There have been a couple of coupons that were missed (by no fault of the cashier), but I caught them before I paid. I have made the mistake of talking to the cashiers when they are scanning the coupon and they are not able to tell when a coupon does not scan.  I literally look over their shoulders (I ask before I do this) to double check that everything scans.  You can do this or either ask the cashier to double check to make sure they scan and double correctly.

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