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Grocery Store pics for week of 1/20/10

Butcher's Brand Boneless Beef Chuck Roasts or Value Packed Steaks (whatever that means) are in sale for $2.99/lb.  There is a FLIP for $1.00 off $5 worth of Butcher's Brand Beef.

Just a refresher on FLIPS (Food Lion Internet Printables). You can only use one like flip per transaction.  Let's say you had a FLIP for Beef and a FLIP for Produce, you could use one FLIP for each of those per transaction, not 2 for beef, 2 for produce, etc.  Also, use the FLIP on the pre-sale price. The Chuck Roast is regularly 4.79/lb.  Find a tiny roast that is, let's say 2 lbs.  Pre-sale price is 9.58, so it is WELL above the $5.00 price.  Sale price would be about $6.00, minus the $1.00 FLIP = $5.00.  THIS IS NOT A GOOD PRICE!!!!
Where this FLIP can be to your advantage is if you find reduced Butcher's Brand beef for $5 or over.  Usually, this is a good deal all in itself, but with another $1 off, it's even better!  The pre-reduced price cannot be taken into account in this situation.  The register only recognizes the "reduced" price, not the pre-sale, or pre-mvp price because basically, there is not one.
Totally confused????? I hope not.

Now, there is the Flat Iron Filet that is also Butcher's Brand that is on sale for $3.99/lb, regularly $5.99/lb.  THIS, my friends, could be a good deal (if you can find a tiny one).

Here is the link to the FLIP:

And, yet again this week, FL is having their Private Brand Super Sale.....copied from last week's post:
Food Lion Private Brand Super you may or may not know, Food Lion has several "house" brands. They are having a Super Sale on their Food Lion Brand and Home 360 Brand. Basically, the more you purchase, the more you save. There is no $ off the actual items (unless the item is on sale), but you receive a catalina for $ off your next order (oyno). See details below:

Buy 4 save $1.00
Buy 6 save $1.50
Buy 8 save $2.00
Buy 10 save $2.50
Buy 20 save $5.00
Buy 40, save $10.00

The prices below are an estimate - every FL is different in pricing. Here is a list of things to be on the lookout for:

12 FL Mac and Cheese = $4 (good donation item)

Receive $3 OYNO CAT

10 FL Yogurt = $4.00
Receive $2.5 OYNO CAT

FL Gum .39 ea (located at the registers)
FL Yogurt, around .37-.44 ea
FL Boxed jello, around .33 ea
FL canned veges are on sale for .69 ea
Home 360 Rubber Bands, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, 33¢
Home 360 Kids Scissors 99¢
Home 360 Transparent Tape 59¢
Home 360 Aluminum Foil 25 Sqft $1.35
Home 360 Single Wet One Packs 89¢
Home 360 Fabric Softener Sheets 40ct $1.69

Also, the above prices may not be the same as in previous weeks. It's possible that some were on sale last week, but not this week.

They are having the promotion, buy 15 select P&G items, get $5.00 off your order instantly.  In times past, this promotion has been during triples, which makes it a money maker, but not this time.  There are still some good prices and if you are interested in doing this deal, click on the link below.  There are a lot of Internet Printables and highlites this deal and the printables.
Link:   Look at post #12.

Snow Crab Cluster are $2.99 lb

EZ Peel White Shrimp, 31-40 count, $4.99 lb
You can go for the gold and get the fresh, head on, white shrimp, 13-17 count for $5.99 lb.  Don't forget they should be a greyish/white color, NOT PINK!!! To get the heads off, pinch them at the "neck".  It's not as bad as it sounds!!!

Tyson Grilled Chicken Strips 2.99
Use $1 q from 1/10 Smartsource = $1.99

Birds Eye Steamfresh 5/$5
Use .50 q from 1/10 Smartsource = FREE

International Delight Creamers 3/$5
Use .55 Internet Printable = .57

Mission Flour Tortillas 2/$3
Use .75 q from 1/10 Smartsource = FREE Our area did not receive this q. Sorry!!

Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soups 5/$3
Use $0.40/4 from 1/03 Smartsource = .40 each

Buy 27.6 oz Hungry Jack Syrup at $2.99, get the 28-32 oz. HJ pancake mix for free, use the .55 q from 11/8 RP make it $1.89 for both.

E-VIC Special:
12 Double Rolls Angel Soft Toilet Paper 4.77, limit 1 (Non-E-Vic price $6.99)

Use $0.50 Internet Printable = $3.77

It looks like Lowes Foods will see a lot of me this week.

Keep in mind that this is the last week of the "3 week coupons" for LF.  The coupons expire on 1/26. 

Birds Eye Steamfresh is bogo this week - I assume that makes them around $1 each (the LF to go site didn't have them listed, but I know they carry these). Use the .50 q from the 1/10 SS and it makes them FREE

Lowes Foods 18 count large white eggs = $1.88

Quaker mini rice cakes are on sale for $1.00 until 2/01, use the .75 q from the 1/10 and they will be FREE. I am soooo excited about these. Rachel (DD) loves these and they are semi-healthly to put in her lunch for school.

The Fruit 2 o is on sale for .99, use the .75 q from the 1/17 SS and they will be FREE.

Have a great week!!!

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