Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Deal on Makeup at Rite Aid This Week

There are different levels of happiness with couponing.

  1. Wow - that was a great deal!
  2. OMG I can't believe I only paid $X and got all of THAT stuff!
  3. I am out of "X" and really need it.  The Choir of Angels chime in (almost deafening you) as you discover that it's on sale AND have a coupon!  This is pure bliss, eyes roll back in your head, better than a bowl of your favorite icecream happiness.
With all of the deals that I get, it is VERY rare that I am out of something.  However, the family has become a bit of a snob.  That is the only downfall about get a fantastic deal on an item and sometimes you will never get that deal again.  They become "fond" of a particular item/brand and you are up the creek when they are totally out of it an need it now.  As a couponer, I would rather bleed than have to purchase something not on sale (even with a coupon).  Enough of the drama.....I am at level #3 now, here's why.....

I knew about, and already purchased, four Covergirl items at Rite Aid this week (BOGO using the BOGO q from 2/7 P&G).  Good job, way to go.  However, (and of course AFTER I did the deal), Rachel tells me that she needs mascara and concealer.  There is a certain kind of mascara that she wants - happens to be Cover Girl and I have more BOGO coupons - not a problem (that was a close one). I also read about an Almay deal today.  They are bogo (eye products only), use the $2 coupon (2/7 SS) and you can get them very inexpensively. Combine both of these deals together and add a $5/20 coupon and it's a REAL deal.

Here is what I did:

2 Covergirl at 8.99
2 Covergirl at 8.19
1 Almay at $7.49
1 Almay at $6.99
Plus Tax: $1.52
Subtotal: $50.36
Deduct $8.99 for bogo item
Deduct $8.19 for bogo item
Deduct 6.99 for bogo item
Used $5/20 = -$5.00
Used CG bogo q = -8.99
Used CG bogo q = -8.19
Used 2 $2 off Almay = -4.00
Grand Total:  .01 (OMG - I have NEVER been this close to zero, without going under before!!!)

The cherry on the big bowl of my favorite icecream:  I get a $5 rebate on the Almay.

As you coupon and get better at it you will have different levels of coupon happiness. Your patterns of buying will also change.  Just when you think you are at the highest level, the Coupon Gods (in Missy's Coupon Land, where all of your coupon dreams come true) shine their ray of light, showing us that there is even more out there than we could've imagined.  I need more makeup like a need a hole in the head, but in order to do this deal and get the rebate, I had to purchase the Almay.  I always keep in mind my friends/family's colors so that I can share with them.

Here's the pic of my small loot (sorry the pic is the wrong way - too tired to care tonight)

Disclaimer:  I did not have a glass of wine before I wrote this post.  I do not believe in the Coupon Gods (maybe just a little).  I hope you found this entertaining and not offensive.

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