Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Coupon Supplier - Your Coupon Cafe

Can I tell you how excited I am right now????  I have quickly run out of coupons for Triples.  I only have enough coupons for about two more trips, and as most of you know, I make a  HT AT LEAST once a day during SD/Triples.

Anyway - to the good news....

Your Coupon Cafe is my new "supplier" of coupons.  The absolute best thing is that they are local - yes....Winston Salem.  My friend Anita told me about them.  You order your coupons in increments of 10 - which is not a problem for me at all.  If you feel like this is to many for you personally, you could share with a friend.  They have a flat shipping fee of .44. Anita and I combined our orders frequently with other suppliers to save on shipping charges, but for .44 we won't need to!!! Their website is really cute, has a search feature and you are able to view the date that the coupons were published.  What else is there to say - THEY ROCK!!!

I purchased coupons yesterday at 4:03 p.m. and paid via Paypal.  I received a "shipping notice" at 4:54 p.m. yesterday.  This is quick turnaround!!!  I wondered if it would really get into yesterday's mail - that's kind-of late.....but I received the coupons today.  OMG - I am jumping for joy......I know, it's the little things, but I can go shopping tonight!!!! (Sorry DH!)

Check them out....their website is


aiyana's mom said...

love it! thanks.

aiyana's mom said...

placed my first order this morning and it's already shipped! AND they seem super friendly and helpful.