Monday, March 1, 2010

Savings for February 2010

I wanted to let you guys know my savings for February.  A few notes before I announce my totals.  I chose not to include clothes this time.  I did several mystery shops and my fees from that washed out the expense of the clothes.

It seems that we ate more fresh veges and yogurt this month. I tried very hard (and think I succeeded) in not purchasing items that I already had tons of and that were not donatable.  I have enough laundry detergent to last me for about 6-8 months (depending on how much I give to others), so $1.25 for detergent is not that great of a deal anymore.

Donations:  My goal at the end of January that I was going to do a better job of keeping track of what I donated in February.  I did not write anything down, but am going off of memory. 
  • I had a friend that moved and needed some necessities, so I gave her 22 bags of food/health and beauty stuff and cleaning supplies.  Her 8 year old asked why I had a store in my basement.
  • I gave a friend 6 packs of diapers.
  • Took cleaning wipes, baby wipes and tissues to the church nursery.
  • I had two classes and had a drawing at each of those ($50-$75 retail value at each).
  • Gave various items to our church's food pantry (rice, crackers, juice, soup, peanut butter, lotion and various other items for the senior care boxes).
Also, for the month of January I did not have a "budget".  I had no clue how much I was spending out of pocket.  In February I guessed at $250 for my budget, but went a tiny bit over, which I am happy with.  I didn't think I could come close.

Also, I spent about $10 purchasing coupons in the month of February.

Okay, now for my totals:

Retail Value:  $1,398.00
Coupon Savings: $715.00
Sale Savings: $429.00
Total Out of Pocket: $254
Savings Rate: 81.87%

I just might go crazy and list $200 for the month of March.  Why not!?!?!

Goals for March?   I will continue to donate as I did in February and also try to come up with different recipes in order to use up some of the meat in my freezer.  Also, I will have 1-2 beginner coupon classes and at least one advanced (free, of course).


aiyana's mom said...

Goals are good. I saved my receipts this time from SD just so I could tally it up at the end. Haven't done that yet. Looking forward to trying those new recipes :)

Coupon Teacher said...

Sounds like you did pretty great!