Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Triples Report, Day #1....$130.20 for -$2.19

I debated even writing this post but hopefully it will inspire you, not discourage you. 

DH and I were at Harris Teeter at 7:02 a.m. this morning.  My heart fell when I saw a car in the parking lot.  OH NO - Someone beat me into the store!!!!

Anyway, we had list and coupons in had and were ready to go.  We FLEW through the store.  After putting just a couple of items in the cart, he asked me "how much does this cost?"  I said "FREE".  He said "Wow". I stopped, looked and him and said "This ain't your first rodeo, come on." He rolled his eyes and we continued. My goal is to be at the checkout by 7:15/ 7:20 since I am supposed to be at work at 7:30, which is very possible when you already have your qs pulled.  They did not have (couldn't find on the shelf) two of the items I had on the list, so 6 coupons were not utilized from my list.  We filled in with more items/coupons and checked out around 7:25.  Checkout went VERY smoothly - I did not know my total, (I know, I know) but knew that 90% of what I was getting was free so a couple of dollars was my mental total.  As we were walking out, DH wispered to me "Thank you for robbing......ah, I mean shopping at Harris Teeter"

There is a limit of 20 coupons per customer day. I used my card and my Mom's card so DH did one transaction and I did another.

1st Transaction:

3 Lysol Kitchen Cleaner
3 Solo Cups
2 Bandaid Butterfly closure
2 JFG Coffee
3 Jimmy Dean Delights
3 McCormick Vanilla Extracts
2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls
Total Retail Value: 58.53
Paid OOP: $3.76
Got 2.50 On Your Next Order Catalina
Got 2.00 On Your Next Order Catalina
2nd Transaction:
2 Lysol Kitchen Cleaner
2 Solo Cups
1 Coffeemante
3 JFG Coffee
3 Jimmy Dean Delights
3 McCormick Vanilla Extracts
Total Retail Value: 46.17
Paid OOP: 2.74
Got 2.50 On Your Next Order Catalina

Grand Totals:
Total Retail Value: 104.70
Total OOP: 6.50
Cats Received: 7.00
Net: .50 MM

Can I tell how "high" I was all morning.  There are several people at work that get a kick of out of what I do, so I made the rounds sharing the good news.

Also, I was the first to post my deal on  That made me really proud as well.  I get most of my deals from there....without them, figuring things out would take a lot more time!!!
I also did a quick run at lunchtime and got the following:

3 McCormick Vanilla Extracts
1 Jimmy Dean B'fast item
1 pkg Solo Cups
2 Vitamin Waters (free qs from Facebook)
2 Skinny Waters
Total Retail Value: $24.40
Total OOP: $.81
Catalinas received: $2.50
$1.69 Money Maker

I am quickly running out of coupons (I know - say it isn't so!!!)  BUT - a co-worker/coupon friend found a coupon clipping service that ships from right here in Winston Salem (thanks Anita!!!). I ordered them at about 4:30 and they were shipped, so hopefully I will receive them in 1-2 days.  The site is: Your Coupon Cafe, Link: Your Coupon Cafe.
A couple of points.  The reason that I am there the first day when "my" store opens (Robinhood Village) is that I want to make sure that I get the free/cheapest/most wanted items.  That is the only guarantee that this will happen.  HT tries VERY hard to keep items in stock, but when you have hundreds of stores that are all participating in Triples, the warehouse get depleted very quickly.  Plus, there is a strong chance that it will get restocked, but will you be there at the right time - the day the truck comes in and within a few hours of when the items get restocked?  It's frustrating chasing the item and getting the timing just right.
Good Luck to you all and let me know if you have any questions!!!

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