Monday, October 18, 2010

Meow Mix at Food Lion....and Eggs

We have been out of eggs for two days at our house and no one has them on sale. As a result, we have ZERO eggs in our house.  We aren't the kind of family that eats eggs on a daily basis, but, just like sugar, flour and milk, I feel like something is off if I am out of them.  Who knows when I need to make an "emergency" cake!?!?!  So, the question is how do I get free/cheap eggs?

My friend Anita was telling me about a deal at Food Lion on the Meow Mix. The Selects are on sale for .50 and we have a coupon for $1.00/2 (9/26 Red Plum).  Good - but I don't have a cat and still have to pay tax on these.  Granted, I SHOULD buy these and either give them to my MIL who actually HAS a cat or donate them to the animal shelter.....

But, it gets better (to us avid couponers, free is not enough anymore, especially on items that we don't use)....Antia also told me about the catalina deal associated with this.  When you purchase 6, you get a $1 catalina off your next order.........I see free eggs in my future! I stopped in and purchased 12 and received 2 x $1 OYNO catalina.  Normally, when you purchase more than required amount, you don't get "extra" catalinas, but I read on that it was purchasing multiples.

Also, while you are there, don't forget to look for the Ronzoni blinkie machine.
Ronzoni is BOGO again this week (usually around .68 for one)

BOLO for the $1/2 blinkie - the machine is in front of the Ronzoni pasta
= around .18 for one

The Ronzoni Garden Variety is still on sale for $1, BOLO for the blinkie maching giving you $1.00 off the Garden Variety - and/or clip the $1.00 coupon from the 10/3 Smart Source.

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