Friday, November 5, 2010

It's that time of the year - Timeline Season!!

Congratulation Martha - You have made it on to my blog!!!

Being the Martha Stewart wanna-be that I am, for several years now, I have created timelines for events that are upcoming, especially those that require me preparing food. How do you think Martha makes it look so easy on T.V.???? She has a boatload of "helpers" that have scripts to follow - probably more helpers than Santa has elves!! Since I only have two helpers in my house (darn good helpers, let me say), I must get started early and be very organized.

My family gets a real kick out of my timelines (especially my SIL, who actually takes the timeline with her to work to show them how crazy I am).

My personal "Superbowl" is Thanksgiving.  I create a timeline with the following information:
Shopping List (this has a timeline within itself)
Timeline for cooking:
  Two days before
  One day before
  Day of

I also have the cleaning timeline which includes making sure the Thanksgiving linens are clean and pressed.  But, before THAT can happen, colors must be determined.  What color/theme will it be this year?  Can you understand why my family gets such a kick out of this??? I will not torture you any longer, but get directly to the point.

Planning = Saving
This is a loaded phrase, but in this particular situation, I am specifically talking about planning what groceries you will need for the holidays.  Take about half an hour and make a list of your menus (Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas B'fast, Christmas Dinner, etc.). From that list, you can create a list of ingredients that you need.  I like to make my list on the computer so that I can just update it the next year (the holiday ARE about traditions you know).   Not only do you save a lot of money by purchasing these items on sale you also spread the cost out over the course of a month or more. You are also able to enjoy the family/events instead of constantly running to the store because you forgot something.

That's my 2 cents worth on timelines.  I hope you find this helpful!

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