Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Super Doubles Total - First Day

The Coupon Goddess was on my side this morning for the first Super Doubles shopping trip.  Hubby went with me to do a transaction.  As we were pulling into the parking lot, he asked if I had knots in my stomach and you know what my answer was!!!  There were two cars ahead of me, one pulled off to go to McDonald's and the other one stayed straight, but kept on going.  We were first in the store (doesn't really matter - but it makes me feel better).

I had my list and coupons ready and we were off to the races.  Two of my favorite Customer Service managers were there so I was REALLY excited.  (You know it's bad when you go in to see who is working and hug them because it's been soooo long since you've seen them!)

Everything went as planned and my totals were good.  I was able to get everything that I wanted that I knew would go fast.  Below are my totals for both transactions:

Retail value: $135.64
Vic Savings: $46.08
Coupons Tendered: $84.83
Total OOP:  $4.73
AND I got a $3 OYNO catalina
Net:  $1.73
Saved 98.7%

I am still high as a kite!!!  I hope you shopping trips go well.  I will share my Coupon Goddess with you....

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