Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip - week of 2/20/13

I didn't want to be late for work this morning, so I went by the Reynolda store.  That is not my preferred store, but their customer service has greatly improved over the last few months.

I still did not use my 20 coupons, but below is a rundown of my purchase:

6 Uncle Ben's Rice Cups
1 Cheerios
2 Hefty Kitchen Bags (E-VIC)
6 Hefty Slider Bags

2 Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen Cleaner
2 Kraft Fresh Takes (Chili Lime and Panko - on closeout for $1.79)
1 Smart Balance Kids Choc Milk

Total Retail:  $67.20
E-VIC Savings: $28.87
Coupons: $32.08
OOP:  $6.25

I had a $1 OYNO Catalina (included in the coupons above)

A savings of about 90%. THIS is why I do most of my grocery shopping during a Super Doubles event!!!  If I "invest" about 30 minutes every afternoon doing a run on the way home from work, the savings are worth it throughout the month! With that being said, it is purely luck if you stumble across the most coveted item as it is being restocked. As a result, I get the best deals (free items) the first day - in the morning if at all possible. 

Good Luck everyone!!!

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