Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The 2013 Beach Project - Back Yard

If you are interested in reading about The 2012 Beach Project, here are the links, 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3.

As you can see, I changed the title to 2013 since the inside of the project is 99% complete and the outside is 50% complete (I cringe as I type because the hubby probably things it's about 75%+ complete - good thing he doesn't read the blog!)

In all reality, the hubby is correct.

Being at the beach is supposed to be relaxing, serene, a time of contemplation.....especially in the morning while you drink your coffee.  I usually prepare the coffee the night before so that I can simply hit the button when I get up and stumble it into the kitchen.  During the time that the coffee is brewing, I make sure the living room is tidy by straightening the pillows up, folding the blankets used from the previous night, collecting the popcorn and/or icecream bowls (this IS vacation, you know).

Another thing that I do that is EXTREMELY important is open the blinds.  I start with the one on the front and take a moment to gaze outside to see if I can spot Grandma walking.  She has a bright red hooded coat, so I have nick-named her Little Red Riding Hood (she is very short in stature as well).  You have to look quickly, she walks very fast.

It is time to open the back blind.  In my mind, I will open it and see the woods, with trees.  I don't really know WHY I think I will see this, because it has NEVER happened - wishful thinking maybe.  I open the blind and BAM - it hits me like a bucket of cold water - there is a big ugly blue trailer about 15 feet outside the window.  I glance at it for a brief moment, close the blind, plop myself on the couch and look out the front window.  Oh wait, the coffee is ready. Get up, get coffee - NOW I can sit on the couch and look out of the window.

Bear with me - I am eventually going to make my point.

The next thing on the to-do list at the beach is to take care of the old blue trailer. It needs to be torn down.  A lot of thought and discussion has been invested in this topic.  I originally thought that we would hire this job out. I got several estimates and just to get rid of it was going to run anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. OUCH!!!

The husband can do anything, so between family and friends, I thought that this would be our spring project.  It would take SEVERAL weekends to complete.  Plus, there is stuff -an old camper with the roof caved in, a metal storage building crumbling, misc. old metal chairs and who knows what else in the woods in the back yard.  Also there is a ski boat - you heard it right.  Most of you that know us know that we are VERY frugal and will repair and reuse whatever is repairable and reuseable.  This ski boat is neither of those.

We have our work cut out for us - or at least HAD........

Craigslist.....yes, I am a junkie. I placed an ad that read:
"Free Mobile Home. Must be moved off of the property. With some work, it could be lived in, or could be taken apart and sold for scrap metal. If taken apart, this could be done on the property, but everything must be hauled away. You will need to sign a liability waiver before any work is done."

Within a few minutes, I received an email from Kevin.  He wanted me to call him. We talked through a couple of things, I gave him directions and he looked the place over.  He was very interested, typed up a waiver, emailed it to me and him and his crew started demoing that afternoon.

I requested that he send me pics with the progress so I can add it to The 2012/2013 Beach Project scrapbook.


The entire contents of the mobile home had to be removed.  Luckily there was not a lot of furniture and stuff in there (Kevin may not agree). Then, they gutted it.  They really worked FAST!!!

Mother Nature was not cooperating, so they had to work around her.

At this point, I am a REALLLY happy girl.

Kevin kept sending me pictures.....

My happiness continued to grow!!!

And grow..... There are the woods and beautiful trees I KNEW were there!!

They look even better covered in snow!

We were lucky enough to meet Kevin and his crew.....even his trusty assistant, Thor - there for moral support.  Thor is an adorable pitt bull (I know, adorable and pitt bull should never go together in the same sentence.) He is still a puppy and is fully of energy, but still listens AND doesn't jump up on you.  Maybe we could borrow him to teach our dogs a lesson or two. As you can see in the picture above, Thor has found his own "Wilson".  He loves that ball!

Next on the list is getting rid of the rest of the pile.  Kevin and his crew continue to sift through the mess and we have enlisted him to take away the excess "treasures" that he won't be able to use.
They are well on their way
Once again, my Uncle has come to our aid.  He brought his trailer over so that Kevin can load the wood and my Uncle will burn it for us.  This saves us a ton of time and money.
Stay tuned for the next project......dirt! 

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