Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The 2013 Beach Project - Back Yard - Outdoor Shower

Since the inside is complete, (see the following posts for details: #1, #2, #3,) AND the outside is MOSTLY complete, Link,  it's time to work on the outdoor shower.

When I see a monsterous task in front of me, I envision the end result immediately.  One reason is that The Husband can do joke.  He makes things possible.  When I have wild-brain ideas, he either supports me (after he has a few minutes to think about it and plans how he will execute it) or shoots me down and brings me back to reality - usually by throwing me a dollar amount that I am not willing to invest.

The outdoor shower was a no-brainer.  With our new beach place having only one bathroom, it's a must.  I visited Pinterest (like I NEED an excuse to go on their website) and pinned tons of outdoor shower ideas.  I also Googled outdoor showers and clicked on images and saved some of those pictures.

Wood is not inexpensive.  It's inexpensive compared to gold or marble, but it amazes me how much something like an outdoor shower costs. 

In addition to Pinterest, I am also a Craig's List junkie......especially the freebies.  I used to be religious in checking Freecycle, but Craig's List free items are the best.  You actually have a chance to get some of the free items, unlike Freecycle. 

I replied a post where a person listed free decking boards and various other pieces of treated wood for free.  He required that you had to take at least half of the pile AND the nails had been removed.  SCORE!!!!

We were able to get all of the wood below for free.  I say we.....guess who took his lunch hour to go get the wood - in the rain?  You got it - The Husband.

Included with the free decking boards are some posts that work great for the base of the shower deck.  We also got enough to do the deck floor - all for free.

Next, it was time to build the wall that houses the shower nozzle. 

This will get bolted to the frame of the deck.
Then, we built the shower door.  Most of the wood that we used for this was also free, but not as thick as the decking boards. We did have to buy some 2 x 4s. 
We loaded it on the trailer and it's ready to go to the beach.  We have more time around the house than we do at the beach, so by constructing the major pieces at home, it is going to save us a lot of time.
The Husband made the executive decision to construct the walls at the beach - he didn't want the alumium to get crushed. 
We are going to frame them with 2 x 4s and double them up to gain height.
I have mentioned "we" a lot during this post.  The Husband is the brains of this operations (at least THIS time), and I was his trusty assistant.  I can measure correctly and run the saw, pre-drill holes and lift a decent amount of weight, so I did help out. My legs are telling the real story - I did squats for the better part of 3 hours.  They should look like a super model's legs, so you can imagine my shock when I look down and they don't.  Oh well..... at least we got started on the outdoor shower!!
Stay tuned for an update in a few weeks.

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