Monday, November 23, 2009

Shopping for Thanksgiving/Weekly Groceries

I went a little crazy on Sunday and actually spent about $32 on groceries. 

Sam's Club: $7.00
10 lbs potatoes
Apple Cider

Lowes Foods:  $10.81
Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving
2 x Tennessee's Pride Sausage
2 x Land O' Lakes Butter
3 x Breyer's Icecream (a necessity)

Harris Teeter: $14.85
2  4 packs of Crab Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms
Large bag of reduced mushrooms
4 bananas
3 apples
1 celery
1 Butternut Squash
4 boxes instant Jello pudding
2 pkgs. Chinet napkins
1 Tropicana OJ E-Vic special for $1.77

When I go into HT, I always check the "reduced" section in produce.  I happened to go first thing Sunday morning and they were putting stuff out.  The lady brought out 4 - 4 packs of crab stuffed portablleo mushrooms.  They were .79 for a 4 pack.  OMG....I picked up 2 of the 4 packs and confirmed with her that I could NOT freeze them.  I wanted to buy ALL four really, really bad.  It was ALL I could do not to buy all four packs.  I would gladly have them for lunch one day this week, but we have stuff going on at work and my lunches are spoken for. This is one item that is not "donatable", so that was not an option. Oh well......we enjoyed them for dinner Sunday night and will have the remainder on  Monday night.

I got the butternut Squash for free!!!  When I walked into the store, they had a sign up for butternut squash, $1.29.  I have been wanting try it and thought I would get one.  I spoke with the produce lady about how to prepare it and she was very helpful and friendly (as she always is). When I got to the register, it rang up per lb, not each.  I told the cashier that I did not want it.  I would have tried it for $1.29, but not for $4.93 (just imagine how many of the mushrooms that I could have gotten for that!?!?!?)  I suggested that she check the sign and change it to per lb. and she said that she would.  She voided the item off, walked it back over to produce and her and the produce lady (I have GOT to get her name) looked at the sign.  Sure enough, it was not marked per lb. The produce lady brough the squash back over to me and put it in my cart.  I told her that it was not necessary, but she insisted. I was very pleased, but not surprised.  HT's customer service has always been excellent, especially at this store.

It's HT's policy to give you the item if it rings up incorrectly. I have had this happen only in a couple of situations and usually do not accept their offer to give it to me for free.  They have always been very apologetic about it and I feel like I'm "robbing" them anyway (most of the time).

I still have to go to Ronnie's Country Store downtown to get an onion, collards, and fatback (yes, I said fatback) but game day is running on schedule. 

The house is clean and I'm just waiting until Tuesday evening to start cooking!  My SIL and her family are coming and will be at our house around lunchtime on Wednesday. We have WAY funner stuff to do than cook (not that I don't enjoy cooking), but she shops as well/much as I coupon AND cook, so it's really fun.

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