Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"LIVE" with Martha

For those of you who know me, you already know, but for those who don't.... I HEART Martha Stewart.  ALOT.

I strive to be more like her - my favorite acronym is "WWMD" (What Would Martha Do).  My family calls me Martha Jr.  She is ridiculous, lavish, over-the-top and has lots of helpers. What's not to like about that!?!?!

I have the most fortunate opportunity to speak with her on the phone.  NO KIDDING!!!!  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I listen to Martha Stewart Radio to and from work the week of Thanksgiving.  I left the office on Monday, tuned in as usual, and she was hosting the Turkey Hotline.  Keep in mind - most of the time, there are semi-famous/important chefs that are hosting the show, but that afternoon Martha was hosting.  I called...........the "screener" picked up on the second ring.  My heart fell into my stomach.  She asked what question I had, I told her and she put me on hold.  As you may suspect, I already knew the answer - I just wanted to talk with Martha.   Approximately 7 minutes later, I was "LIVE" with Martha.  I asked my question (wasn't that important/difficult), and we exchanged our schedule for Thanksgiving Day.  Just in case you're going to NYC and want to see her, she will be walking around Central park mid-day - after brunch, of course.  I was SOOO nervous.  When I got home, I told Rachel that I was "walk down the isle" nervous.  Had to explain that one to the 13 year old. 

The unfortunate part about this is that no one that I knew personally was listening.  I was going to try to call or text Wally and Rachel, so they could listen, but I didn't want to accidently hang up.  That would've been terrible!!!

To make up for it, I spent most of the evening calling everyone that I thought would REMOTELY care and told them.  I am off cloud 9 a little more today, but still, very excited.  I am the only person that I know that has spoken with Martha. WOW!!!!

The next thing on my list is meeting her in person.  I'm going to add that one to my "Bucket" List.

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Wcoates said...

Life is almost complete, now if you can meet Martha, ....I'll be happy meeting Giada!