Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparation (WWMD?)

Just a few words about Thanksgiving preparation at my house.  I call it "Game Day".  It's when I do what I do best - cook.  Believe it or not, I cook even better than I coupon. In order to allow the cooking experience to go smoothly, I also plan, plan and overplan.  I listen to Martha Stewart Radio on the way home every afternoon to grasp some tidbit of information that I might have missed, all the time knowing that I learned from the best (Mom) and I probably know it all, but I do get some satisfaction in yelling the answers to the stupid questions that the callers ask. Back to the planning......there is a cleaning list for the weekend before, a cleaning list for the Wednesday before and timelines........galore (sorry - I just couldn't resist that one!)  I set my table on Tuesday night and have planned (with signs, of course) what casserole dish will be used for what food and where the food goes on the table.  Martha herself would be proud. One day, she will show up at my house unannounced for Thanksgiving lunch and you have better believe that I will be ready.  Of course, that will never happen - she would call first and never show up unannounced.

In previous years, I spent about $80 purchasing the items that I need for Thanksgiving Dinner, not including the Turkey/Ham.  This year is WAYYYY different!!!  I will spend about $5-10 (not including the Turkey).  I have everything I need, except for a couple of fresh items.  I will spend some time this weekend grouping my items together to ensure that I have what I need for every dish.

Of course, the family helps out a lot.  We will all get our exercise running down to the "stockroom" to get something that I forgot.  Much better/less expensive than running to the store!

Good luck if you are cooking this year.  Hope your "Game Day" goes well!

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Danielle said...

Wow Missy! I am so impressed. Wish some of that would rub off on me!
Linda Gibbes