Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First HT Super Doubles Run

The husband agreed to go with me for my first SD run this morning (as he always does willingly).  See results below:

Husband's order:

9 small cans dole pineapple
1 Nabisco 100 cal. pack
1 Keebler Wheatables crackers
3 Johnson's baby powder
2 Edy's Icecreams
2 Revlon Nail Clippers
2 Hershey Extra Dark bar

Total: $43.53
Coupons used: 26.34
VIC Savings$11.49
Grand Total: $5.70

(I think we were off $2 - maybe a coupon missing, but I had to get to work, so I didn't push it.)

My order:

3 Celestial Seasonings (clearanced at $1.79 - holiday)
1 Polaner Fruit Spread
9 small cans dole pineapple
2 Activia Yogurt
1 Yoplait Delights
2 Johnson's baby powder
2 Edy's Icecreams
2 Blistex
2 Revlon Nail Clippers
1 Hershey Extra Dark bar

Total: $57.99
Coupons Used: 34.92
VIC Specials: 18.28
Grand Total: 4.79

I am going back today to do the Northern Deal - $5.99, use $1 q = $3.99

A couple of notes - my Mom and Dad send me qs from Cary and Charlotte and a co-worker give me her qs from family that lives in Ohio, so I had qs that we did not receive in our papers.  There does not seem to be as much stuff/coupons that are a great deal this go around.  I usually go twice the first day, then once a day for the duration of the sale.  I have enough qs to go only twice more at the most.  Still not complaining. We got some great donation items and icecream. Can't go wrong with the icecream!!!

Good luck everyone!

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