Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 Savings

I have been tracking what I have spent/saved during the month of January 2010 and thought I would share it with you.

My spending includes:  Groceries, HBA (Health and Beauty Aids) and items for the house (specifically for January, rugs).

What is not included: gas for my car, clothes/shoes and lunches out (usually once a week).

The "shelf cost": $1,901
The savings from shopping the sales: $776
Coupon savings: $810
Total Spent Out of Pocket: $315 for a savings of 83.43%
In addition, I spent $20.38 on Sunday papers/extra coupons from Coupon Clipping Crew for the month.

A few thought about January.....I was able to stockpile some items that I was getting low on, such as rice, snacks, frozen veges and convenience foods (stuff for lunches when I don't have leftovers).  Most of these items were not necessary, and without a sale/coupons I wouldn't have purchased them, but when you are paying pennies on the dollar, it's silly not to. 

We did not eat a ton of fresh fruits/veges, but when I found them in the "day old" bin, I purchased them - for example, a large bag of mushrooms were 0.50.  Normally, that amount would have been about $6. We eat banannas regularly and I splurge with an avacado or two every other week - but at .69, it's worth it.

We had icecream and milk in the house at all times, as well as yogurt for the last two weeks of the month.

I didn't specifically track the items - maybe that'll be my goal for next month.  I gave over 20 bags to a friend in need and 6 bags to yet another friend.  I stocked the nursery at church with cleaning wipes, baby wipes and tissues.  I have 3-4 paper grocery bags of items that are going to my church's foods pantry.  I had 3 giveaways, 2 at my coupon classes and one for the "1,000 views" on the blog. I also shared some of the .25 Special K cereal with a co-worker.

With all of this being said - this was a slow month in purchases and donations.  I have been couponing for a little over a year and realized how unnecessary some items are.  Previously, I would purchase items for donations and sometimes spend .50-.80 in tax.  Now, my goal is to spend no more than .25, which is very doable.  If the item is not a necessity, and/or we don't use it, I do not purchase it unless it is a moneymaker.

Shopping trips in January:
This month was full of "run-ins" and not very many time consuming shopping trips.  I can knock out a superdoubles/triples trip at HT in about 30 minutes, spending $5-$10 for $50+ worth of items.  When they roll around, I go daily.  There were a lot of 5 minute shopping trips, running in to get 8-10 items (mostly duplicates).  I am very fortunate to work/live within a few miles of all of the grocery and drug stores.

Focus for February:
I am down to two bottles of hairspray, so that is definately at the top of my list. I will also be focusing on fresh fruit/produce.  I will also be reducing my purchases in general for our family.  When a great sale comes along, I will order specific coupons from the Coupon Clipping Crew.  Our church's food pantry is getting started and I am assisting with that, so maybe my shopping will increase after all!