Tuesday, February 2, 2010

X-Rain Vision and a man's mission to please his wife

On the way home from eating at Mi Pueblo tonight, the family stopped by Food Lion.  As you know, I have issues with the one closest to my house, so we went to another one that was on our way home.  Husband remembered that the icecream that he so dearly loves was going off of bogo today and wanted to get some more.  Believe it or not, this trip was not my idea - but I was benefiting from it.  I sent a text a few weeks ago to get a free Canada Dry or 7 Up when I scan my MVP card and as we usually don't drink this, it comes in  handy if someone in the house gets sick.  Free is free and the last day was today!!

We are walking in the parking lot and I see a catalina floating in a puddle of water.  I glance at it and see $1.50 off......blah blah blah......Food Lion Brand Sale.  I assume it is a catalina that is advertising their sale this week.  I keep walking - it's in a puddle of water for goodness sake. 

The husband saw it and picked it up to investigate.  He so graciously presented it to me, dripping in parking lot juice.  I looked at it, looked at it again, and sure enough it had the wonderful words "off your next purchase" AND it had a barcode on it.   SCORE!!!!  That would really help with the icecream that I had no coupon for.  He is helping pay his way....

Secured the icecream for husband and two TINY B&J icecreams for Rachel.  As they were picking them out, I was looking through the clearance items and SCORE again!!!  They had the scrubbing bubbles refill pads for the tub scrubber.  This is an item that I normally would not buy, but last summer I received some free from Vocalpoint and they absolutely rock.  I have used all of the scrubby pads, but still have the base that they attach to.  They were on clearance for $1.25, normally $3.29 and I had my .75 qs, making them .50 ea.  I could not pass that deal up!!!
Total Stats:
Shelf Price:  $18.59
Sale Savings: $8.82
Coupon Savings: $5.08

Grand Total:  $5.04

Moral of the story:
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Take your husband shopping with you -especially when he puts in a special request
  • It's okay to look down every once in a while, especially in a grocery store parking lot - juice or no juice.

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