Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Heart Harris Teeter - and their people!!!

This week is exceptionally great because of Super Doubles, but also because of the people.  Here is the experience that I had during my afternoon trip.

I roll in to my Robinhood Village HT and see my favorite former CS Manager Chris in the parking log (he's at another store now, but he comes back to visit). He says he'll catch up with me. I go in the store and chat with produce girl Jennifer - she's had the last few days off and I haven't seen her. I start making my way around the store and Chris catches up with me, just after another CS manager gives me a hug because it's been a while since we've seen each other. Gets the items off the shelf for me, waits patiently as I run into a couple of my coupon friends who asks me a few questions about the deals. He compliments me on my knowledge of the deals (sorry - tooting my own horn there for a sec.). I give one of my coupon friends' husband (who happens to be the store manager at "my" Walgreens) my Cole's garlic bread and coupons because they are having steak and he didn't know about the deal. As I talk, Chris goes to get me more Cole's. We make it up to the front and they are busy. He pulls my cart to U-Scan and rings me out, helps the cashier scan my coupons and makes sure everything is correct. He walks me out to my car and loads up my groceries. ALL on his own time. I had my own Harris Teeter Concierge. I felt like a queen. I am married and he doesn't swing that way anyway, so my husband is not jealous when I talk on and on about Chris. You should be very proud Chris, you made my blog (and my day for that matter).

Life in "Missy's Coupon Land, where all your coupon dreams come true" could NOT get any better. AND - this is only day 2!!!

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