Friday, June 18, 2010


Has anyone ever heard of this?  I made my first purchase today.

Each day you get an email highlighting a deal.  If enough people sign up for this deal, then the deal becomes available.  The deal is usually at least 50% off or more.  The services vary from photography, wine tours/tasting to restaurants.  It is in the larger cities.  I am signed up for Cary, Charlotte and Greensboro.

Today's deal is Nobles Grill in Winston Salem.  I love this place but it is quite pricey. The deal is a $60 certificate for $30.  That's fantastic!!! Half price at such a wonderful restaurant?  WOW!!! 

There is no fee to use this service. When I signed up for the Nobles certificate, I gave them my credit card information.  Once enough people signed up for the deal, my credit card was charged.  I have until 12/31/10 to use this certificate.

There are a couple of rules - follow this link for the fine print Groupon


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