Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smokin' Hot Deals at Food Lion

Free Cheese.....can life get ANY better?!?!?!

There are several FLIPs out that makes going to Food Lion a MUST this week.

$2 off FL block cheese. At the Winston Salem stores this cheese is $2. Link: FL Cheese This FLIP expires 6/29

$1 off FL eggs.  The medium size eggs are around $1.12, Link: FL Eggs, this FLIP expires 6/22
= .12

$1 off FL pasta.  This varies in price from .79+.  The FL elbow macaroni is only .79, Link: FL Pasta, this FLIP expires 6/29
= .21 overage

While you're there, don't forget about the Hunt's deal I mentioned last week:
The small cans of Hunt's Tomato Sauce is .52. There is a $1.50/2 printable manufacturer's coupon (pdf), Link: Hunt's, this FLIP expires 6/30

Purchase three = .09

Remember the rules......You can only use one like FLIP per transaction.  You could use one cheese, one pasta, one egg FLIP per transaction, not 2 cheese, 2 pasta, etc.  It is acceptable to do multiple transactions, just ask the cashier first and don't hold the line up behind you.  Also print plenty to share. If you see someone in the store that is purchasing the item that you have a FLIP for, share your coupons with them.  I did this Thursday evening.  There was an older gentleman that was purchasing two items that I had FLIPs for.  I approached him and got a "look".  Once I gave him the coupons, I got a big smile, pat on the shoulder (literally) and a thank you from him. He asked if I worked at the store and I told him no.  But I did share with him that my husband laughs at me for chasing people down at the stores to give them coupons. He got a kick out of that.

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