Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The 2013 Beach Project - Back Yard - FINISHED Outdoor Shower

If you are lucky, there are moments in your life when you stop everything, forget everything and just be.....enjoy.....breath.....

This moment happened for me when the outdoor shower was finished and I enjoyed it for the first time.

Let's back up.  This all started when we acquired the beach house.  We realized that our family needed a place at the beach (to keep the Mama happy - ME). The opportunity came our way to seize the moment and move forward with that realization.  Just in case you missed the remodeling of the beach house, here are the links: #1, #2, #3, and #4.

One of the first things that came to me as we assessed the task of remodeling was that we needed an outdoor shower.  There is only one indoor bathroom and an outdoor shower is a must after a busy day on the beach. Plus - I have ALWAYS wanted an outdoor shower and our subdivision in Winston is not condusive to this.

Did I mention that the Husband can do anything?????

Pinterest came along at just the right time.  I was able to pull some images to give the Husband an idea of how I wanted it to look.  Other than hot water, looks are the most important thing!

We (the Husband on a rainy day) picked up some free treated wood from a person that had it listed on Craig's List and were able to save a lot of money.  It was still very expensive to build, but it's not going anywhere anytime soon.  It is VERY solid. 

To view the post for the portion of the outdoor shower that we built in Winston and hauled to the beach, follow this Link.

Pause that thought.....we got to the beach late and it was already dark.  When we woke up and looked outside, the view was breathtaking.


Azaleas were in bloom everywhere.  The colors were stunning!

Back to the shower....

We dug the hole and filled it in with oyster shells to create a French drain. At the coast, oyster shells are used in the same manner as gravel - for example - to fill in holes in the driveway.

Next came the wall that the shower head is mounted to......

....then the side walls. Sorry for the dark photo, but it was getting late.

Now that everything is framed, we can start on the plumbing.

But not without supervision!!!

Grandma Edna, Mom and Aunt Sherri are visiting while we work.  That's okay - they were also the breakfast and beverage providers and did an awesome job of helping clean up afterwards. 

It's plumbing time.  The all-important cold AND hot water is being connected. 

Mom and I drug this piece of board off of the beach last year after a hurricane.  I love the combination of colors.  We were able to use this as the board to mount the shower head to the outside of the outdoor shower.  When you have an outdoor shower, why have only one shower head? 

The Husband also installed a spicket so that we can wash off our feet, the beach chairs, cars or whatever else needs water.  He mounted it to a piece of metal that we found in the outdoor building. Use what you've got!

Fortunately for us, Lowes at the beach did not have the same type of metal that we purchased in Winston for use on the side walls.  Uncle Harold had these two pieces laying around and gladly gave them to us.  If you need anything - Uncle Harold has it. 
We had this metal bar laying around and used it for the door handle.
Finally - the finished product!
The shower is complete with the stool that I picked up from the side of the road during bulk pickup week - in my dress clothes, on the way to work.
There is a sense of pride that we have in being able to say we built this shower ourselves.  We have the bruises and scrapes to prove it, but better than that, a HUGE sense of accomplishment.
One photo that I regret not taking is the view of the woods when the door is open. It it private, peaceful, serene and you can really loose time out there.
I will be the cleanest gal in the state! 

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Theresa McG said...

What a great project. Even stranger, we also have a Grandma Edna (my husband's mother) and an Aunt Sherri (my husband's sister) in our family!