Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Events

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Ours was spectacular.  We started the day off biking at Salem Lake, came home, put everything in the oven and ate - very well and a lot.  After the food settled, the kids and husbands played football outside and us girls sat on the screened-in deck talking.

So, don't think the husband shops?  This next story that I am going to tell you is going to save me from the shopping "look" for an entire year......you know, the one where you come home from shopping after several hours with only a handful of things....

Paceline Bicycles has gone out of business (RIP).  Beginning on Black Friday, specifically at 10:00 a.m., they were having a liquidation sale.  My husband (Wally) and brother-in-law (Mark) were going to the sale.  Keep in mind, they live in VA and they were planning on going back home after the sale.  My siser-in-law (Ellen) and I decide to do a little shopping (emphasis on "little").  We passed by Paceline at 9:45 and there was a line out of the door to get in.  I immediately called Wally and let him know.  Ellen and I were on our merry way.  I was very careful to take EVERY back road as to not get caught in the mall traffic.

By about 11:00, we are finished shopping and are STARVING!!!!  We call the boys.  They are in line - don't expect to get out until about 1 or 1:30.  WHAT????? I look at my clock again to make sure that I'm reading the current time correctly.  Whatever - I'm not standing in line....there were no lines where WE went shopping.  But, still we are starving.....

Being the good wives that we are, we went home to check on the kids.  Waited and waited - still starving......we must have lost 2 lbs waiting on them!!

They finally got home and we were off to Mi Pueblo.  6 baskets of chips, an unfortunate story and 3 beers later, our food came. 

The unfortunate story:  The bikes were 40% off and everything else was 50% off.  The walked through the store a couple of times, got what they wanted and then the "final pass" through the store was what killed him. There was barely a line just before the "final pass", but afterwards, it was very long.......very very long.   They stood there, contemplating.........it's not that bad......it will start moving soon.  After an hour, they felt like they were committed and couldn't leave.  They stood in line in the hot store, in the hot sun by the window and FINALLY got to the register at about 1:45. They ended up saving a little over $100 each.  He "can't" tell me what he got - with Christmas approaching.  They were tired little puppies by the time we ate.  Ellen and Mark decided to stay that night, and, as a result, we were able to get another meal in before they left!!!

In Paceline's defense - they are a bike shop - why would they ever need more than one register? 

Hope you had a fantastic Black Friday!! Hope it was better than Wally and Mark's!!

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Wcoates said...

Okay, Okay, we spent 3 hours in line. However this does account for my entire year of shopping, ...not a drop in the bucket to the amount of time my "sweetie" spends hob-nobbing with the folks at WAG and the Teeter!

...notice I didn't say shopping! When was the last time you fixed a Thanksgiving dinner for the people at your favorite store?????? That's another story on another day!