Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Even I screw up sometimes......

I "lost" $18 last night.....let's all pause for a moment of silence.......$18 is a huge loss!!!

Rachel had dance last night so Wally went with me to HT to finish the deals out for the week.  He asked the classic question, "How long with it take?", I answered with another classic, "5 minutes.".

We walked in, everything was on schedule.  We checked out the clearanced bread and nothing really stood out.  We make our way to the croutons, picked up 6 bags - we were each going to check out separately.  We got the Totino's pizza and went to U Scan.  Well within the "5 minute promise".  We checked out.  Jake, my favorite U Scan cashier was there, so we chatted it up while we checked out.  Wally used his VIC card and I used my VIC card - at the same time.  Even though they are not the exact same numbers, they have our home address linked to them, so essentially they are the same account.  After I scanned all my items, I walked up to the U Scan register because I was going to give him Wally's and my coupons, as well as pay him for each order, which I predicted to be .06 each. (After they doubled, the qs were for the full cost of the items, so I was simply paying tax.)  Jake's eyes got really big.  He said, "You are not going to believe this".  He explained to me that I got the "Fresh Foods Reward", valued at $9.00 on BOTH transactions. Don't have a clue what that is and even if I was aware of that promotion, it is not my goal to receive it.  I do not "TRY" to participate in the programs....to much to track in addition to tracking my q purchases.

Let's pause for a moment.  There is no point in time where I intentionally cheat stores.  It does happen on occassion, but it is very unintentional.  Good things happen to good people and when you try to cheat a store, it will certainly come back to bite you.  Sermon over.

In this situation, me getting the $9.00 off on EACH order royally messed me up. I I actually did not benefit at all from getting it off of both orders.  I would have much rather it just come off of one order, where I had items that I did not have coupons for, say, a meat purchase.  In this case, I could not use my coupons.  My oop was going to be higher (only pennies higher), but still.  Poor Wally is standing there watching the circus and simply said "buy more stuff".  My brain interpretted this as "go get more crappy pizzas" (No offense Tonys).  I looked at him like he was an alien and he just stood there. Since I am the self-acclaimed Coupon Queen, he dare not say anything else.  We have been married for 19 years today (Happy Anniversary, Honey), he is a smart man and wants to make it another 19 years (at least I think he does). 

Jake is still in shock and we discuss how there is no way to get out of this mess so that I can get my $9 on REAL food, so I make the executive decision to use only one $.50 coupon on each order, which doubled, so I paid .12 for each order.  A normal person would be thrilled with this, but not me.  I have paid double oop than my original plan AND still have qs that I need to use.  We make another pass around the store to get more of the items so that I can use my coupons.  Of course, along the way, we see Jennifer, the produce girl, so I had to chat with her and introduce her to Wally.  Then, I had to stop by the meat counter and ask the guy how to cook the ribs that I am planning on having tonight and we finally make it back up to U Scan (way over the "5 minute promise").  THIS time, my oop was .06 for each order.  That's more like it.

Anyway - Wally is laughing at me because I truly do not think I got a good deal, but, we took a picture of it anyway.  Clean your freezer out Jenny, there are more pizzas coming your way for the youth group!!

Yes, you counted correctly.  There are only 10 pizzas in the pic above.  We realized , after we bagged all of the stuff up to take downstairs that a runaway pizza did not make it in the picture, but was at the opposite corner of the table.  After all of torcture that I had put Wally through that evening, I didn't want to make Wally take another pic.  .36 is what 11 pizzas and 11 bags of croutons costs in Missy's Coupon Land.  Too bad there's not a couple of steaks or roast listed in the pic......

Lesson of the day.....listen to your husband.

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Kristen said...

Dang it!!! Did you buy a bunch of the deli stuff?? Because I think they are doing the points on that stuff right now (shows on the bottom of your receipt). I might have to hit you up for some of those croutons :) Didn't know they were such a good deal!