Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grocery Store deals for 12/9/09 - Updated

See update in HT section below.

Food Lion:
Here we come Food Lion - deals this week are not as good as the chicken deal several months ago, but not too shabby!!!

FLIPS: (Food Lion Internet Printables - memorize this - even Wally knows what this means - I quizzed him last night!!!) Remember - FLIPS are Food Lion qs, not mfg. qs. You can use these on the pre-sale (pre-mvp) price. See scenarios below.

$2 off $6 in Produce, $2 off $10 in Butcher's Brand Beef Products

Gala Apples $1.29 lb (reg. $1.99 lb)
Navel Oranges 4 lb bag $2.49 (reg $4.99)


Purchase 3 lbs of Gala Apples and 1 banana = $2.12 after FLIP
Regular Price: 
3lbs x $1.99 = 5.97
Banana = .25
Total = 6.22
This gets you to your $6.00 before MVP price

Sale Price:
3lbs x  1.29 = 3.87
Banana = .25
Use $2 off $6 FLIP = - 2.00
Total:  $2.12

Another Scenario using the Oranges:

Regular Price:
1 bag oranges = 4.99
.75 lb apples = 1.50
Total = 6.49

Sale Price:
1 bag oranges = 2.49

1 lb apples = .65
Total = 3.14
FLIP = - 2.00
Total = 1.14

Get the idea?  You will benefit the most with the q by seeking out items that are on sale and using the pre-sale price to get to the $6. 

Same goes for the meat.  The roast is on sale this week for $1.99.  The ad does not list the regular price for the meat, so I could not do a scenario on this.

FL is also having another 3 day sale, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out for more details.  The only thing that really caught my eye was the FL bacon for .99.

Also, don't forget about the Bakery/Deli FLIP  for $3 off $10 that expires at the end of the month.  If you need a quick dessert or deli meat, this will really come in handy.  The deli Virigina ham and Honey ham is on sale bogo this week.  This will give HT's buy 2 get 3 free a run for it's money!!!! See below for the "math".

Regular Price
2 lbs ham $5.49 x 2 = 10.98

Sale Price:
2 lbs ham $2.75 x 2 = 5.50
FLIP = - $3.00
Total = $2.50 for 2 lbs of ham

That does have HT beat!!

Here is the file for the FLIP for this week:

Flip for $3 off $10 in Bakery/Deli:

Harris Teeter:

Evic Specials:
Dole Frozen Fruit .99, use .75 q from 11/1 SS = FREE (limit 1)
Green Giant Boxed Veges .68. Purchase another one at .99,  use the .50/2 IP from and you will pay .67 for 2 boxes.

Update:  More Evic Specials:
HT canned green beans, corn or peas .33, limit one (darn)
Pillsbury Easy Frost .99, use .40 q from 11/8 RP (limit 1 - darn again!)
$3.00 of wyb 1 pkg of HT Reserve Angus Flank or Flat Iron Steak (limit one - do I need to say it again!?!?!)  Don't really know if this is a good deal or not.  It's worth checking on!!!

Also, keep your eyes open for the penguin in the refrigerated/frozen section.  That handsome dude is a 5' free-standing cardboard host of coupons.  I heart him. 

Weekly Sale:

Deli Meat/Cheeses, 8 oz. prepackaged are buy 2 get 3 free at $4.49 each.  You will get 5 packages for $8.98 = $1.80 per pack.  These freeze VERY well. Limit 10 packs.

Tony's Pizzas are on sale for $1.00.  .50 q in 10/4 SS.  FREE
 Cool Whip .99, use .55 IP = FREE
Jello Pudding .69, use .55/2 = .28/2
Link to IPs:
These have the "Redeem at Publix" printed on them, but they are mfg qs.  You should not have a problem.
Also, for the Jello - just an FYI:  Walgreens has the Royal brand on sale for .33 for the pudding (no coupon required) and the gelatin is 5/$1.00 when you use the Wags in-ad q.

Apples are on sale for .99.  FL has the better deal, but if are not planning on going to FL this week, this is a good price.

Lipton Family size 24 count tea is bogo at $1.34 each.  Use the .50 q from 11/15 RP, makes it .34 ea.

That's really all that excites me this week at HT, so far.

Lowes Foods:

Nature's Own White Wheat Bread is BOGO, make it .99 each
Boston Butt Pork Roast:  .99/lb

I Tunes Giftcards:  Buy 2 $15 GCs, get $5 in Fresh Rewards, or 1 $25 or 1 $50, get $5 in Fresh Rewards.

Recap on Fresh Rewards:
Fresh Rewards are cards that are printed and presented to the customer when they meet advertised purchase requirements.  They are printed in $5 incriments and good for one month.  You can roll them on themselves (use them on the same promotion that you received them from) - except for the I Tunes GC above.  You are not able to use a coupon or giftcard of any kind when purchasing these GCs - you must use your debit or credit card.

That's all folks!!!   Have a great week!!


July said...

These coupons help..thanks
..since you helped me with your post...I was shopping online yesterday trying to buy for my son a Super Mario Bros Game.. I stumbled upon a site called EZWINGAME...they are running a free contest this week for a free Nintendo... Wanted to know if anyone has heard of this site..and what they think...thanks


Missy said...

I have never heard of this, but it's worth a try!