Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grocery Store Pics for week of 12/31

Holly Farms Boneless Chix Breast is $1.47/lb.  This is a great deal. STOCKPILE PRICE!!!
Boneless Half Pork Loin $1.00/lb.
New York Strip Steaks $4.98/lb

10 lb bag Russet Potatoes $2.88

Purchase five Special K Cereals priced at $.259 ea and receive $5 off your order instantly.  Use two BOGO IPs plus one $1 IP for the Blueberry. Link to BOGO IP:, Link to Blueberry IP:

Here's how the transaction will look:

5 x $2.50=$12.50
BOGO ($2.50)
BOGO ($2.50)
$1/1 Blueberry ($1.00)
Promotion ($5.00)
=$1.50 = .30 each

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa is $1 each, use the $1 FLIP = FREE

A word of warning about walking through the produce section this week.  They have a fantastic 7 layer bean dip displayed at the very front of the store (at the Robinhood Village location).  Combine the black tray and clear cover that it is housed in with the magical lights that make the cheese, green onions and black olives glisten and you've got TEMPTATION!!!!  It is $3.49/lb and you KNOW you can make it for a lot less - It's bean dip for goodness sakes!!  BUT - If you are going to a party, don't have time to make anything, that would be a real winner.

Boston Butt Pork Roast .99 lb. (This is not a stockpile price.  I have seen them go as little as .88 lb.)

Mission Torillas $1.50, use .55 IP = .40,

HT Milk is $2.47

Poppycock (my new favorite!!!) is bogo at $2.07 - use the .75 q from 11/15 SS = .57
Plus - wyb ___, you will get a catalina for a free movie rental from Redbox.  I am not 100% sure about this and when it ends.  I purchased 5 bags in one transaction at Wags on 12/29 and received this catalina.  If you receive this, please leave a post and I will update this information.  Thank you!!!

Tony's Pizzas (you would think that I would be SICK of these by now, but I can't pass up free food!!!) .99, use .50 q from 12/13 SS = FREE

Tidy Cat $2.95, 20 lb bag, use $1 q from 10/4 RP (I know Charlotte got this q, but not 100% sure about Winston Salem) = $1.95

Wet Ones - The antibacterial (yellow) bottles have been reported as being .99 (ymmv), use the $1.50 q = FREE

T-Bone Steaks are $3.99/lb

Carolina Medium Shrimp is $3.99/lb, 43-50 count.  This is not a bad price if the heads are off.  I especially like that they are from NC.
Here's a mini-lesson on shrimp: (my family is from the coast and my grandparents used to shrimp, so I know WAYYY more than I should about shrimp)
Raw shrimp should be grey.  If you go to the seafood counter and the raw shrimp is starting to turn pink, walk away.  Believe it or not, frozen shrimp is the best.  In prime conditions, shrimp is either frozen or consumed within 6-8 hours of being caught.  My grandparents would come home after shrimping, head the shrimp, put them in containers, fill with cold water and freeze.  The water helps prevent the shrimp from getting freezer burn. That's why you usually see the frozen individual raw shrimp in a layer of ice in the grocery stores.  They dip the shrimp in water, freeze, and then bag it.  That way, you can take out a portion of the shrimp and it is not in one big  block of ice. 

There are some good deals on produce this week:
Fresh express garden salad bags, .99.  I think there are tearpads out there somewhere, but  I haven't found any.
Hass Avocados are .99 ea
8 oz white mushrooms are .99 ea
Mangos are .99 ea
1 lb cut and peeled baby carrots are .99 ea (can you imagine peeling baby carrots!?!?!?!)

and what do you know!?!?! Tonys Pizzas are on sale AGAIN for .99 each. use .50 q from 12/13 SS =  FREE

That's all folks - If I come across some other great deals, I will update this post in blue.

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