Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grocery Store deals for 12/16/09

Food Lion:

BOLO for the Clorox Greenworks on closeout.  I have found that the different locations vary as to what is on closeout, but most FLs that I have been to have the toilet bowl cleaner for $1.99 and you get a .50 catalina onyo. Here is a link to a coupon for $2.00 off.  This q will not scan, but the cashier will punch the numbers in.  You can only use one of these qs per transaction.

FL is getting better and better each week!!  They now have a FLIP for $2 off $5 in the produce section. Link:

Here's what on sale in produce: 
5 lb bag of potatoes are bogo at $1.99 (reg. price $3.99)
5 lb box of Clementines: $4.99 (reg. price: $6.99)
Hass Avacados: .99 ea (reg. price $1.19) (Murray Road FL has these for .79)
Gold Pineapple: $2.99 ea (reg price: $3.99 ea)
D'Anjou Pears reg price: $1.29 lb (reg price: $1.99 lb)
NC Sweet Potatoes: 69 lb. (reg. price .79 lb)
Here is a scenario for produce to maximize the $2/$5 produce FLIP:
   Regular Price           Sale Price
Bag of potatoes $3.99      $1.99
1 Avacado          1.19          .99
Total:                 5.18        2.98
FLIP                 - 2.00       -2.00
Total:                                 .98

If you want to be 100% sure that you are getting the full $5 in produce before the mvp price so that you won't have any issues with your FLIP, do not give them your card, ask them to subtotal the order after the produce.  I did this several times this week and had no trouble at all.


Brown Sugar or Apple Cinnamon Spiral Ham $1.27 lb with add'tl $25 purchase (yea right - like THAT's going to happen!!!)
Smithfield Shank Portion Smoked Ham .99 lb
Standing Beef Rib Roast $6.99 lb (reg. price $9.49 lb)
The Rib Roast has potential.  It's still quite pricy, but if you usually have this for Christmas anyway, you could get an additional $2 with the FLIP.

All Laundry detergent is $2.99, use the $2 from the 12/6 RP.

Harris Teeter:

They also rock this week!!!

E-Vic special:  Leseur Peas .68, limit 1

Regular Weekly Specials:
Breakstone Sour Cream, BOGO at .99 ea.  use the .55 IP and it's FREE
Philadelphia Cream Cheese is $1.25, use $1.00 IP:
This has the Publix logo on it, but it is a mfg. coupon and will scan without any problems because it is a mfg. q, not a store q.
Heluva Good Dip $1.50, use .50 q from 12/13 SS = .50
Cool Whip .99
Breyer's Icecream is BOGO at 2.79 ea.  Use the .75 q from 10/18 RP = $1.29 ea.
Bird's Eye Steam fresh is BOGO at $1.34 ea, use .50 q from 12/6 SS = .34 ea.  This is not a stockpile price. LF has them this week for $1.00, so they would be free at LF.
Sister Schubert's rolls are BOGO at $1.76 ea., use the .50 q from 11/15 SS, makes them .76 ea.

Have you found the penquin in the frozen food section yet?  If so, take a look-there may be some good matchups with this week's sale.

Lowes Foods:

Want to add a little spice to your holiday?  You can do it really cheaply at LF this week!

You receive $5 in Fresh Rewards wyb 3 McCormick Spices, which are 30% off this week.  In addition, they have a catalina deal going on:
Buy 2 get $1 OYNO catalina
Buy 3 get $2 OYNO catalina
Buy 4 or more and get a $3 OYNO catalina
Talk about double dipping!!!  This has the potential to me a MM!
McCormick Cinnamon (1 oz.): 1.01 x 4 = 4.04 oop
Get $5 in Fresh Rewards
also get a $3 catalina oyno
Total Net:  -$3.96

Do the deal again, use your $3.00 oyno and pay only 1.04 (plus tax)
You now have $10 in Fresh Rewards and another $3 oyno catalina

Rinse and repeat.....but.....with this being said, I tried this last night and did not get the Fresh Rewards.  I still got the $3 catalina, which made them only .29 ea.  I am going to visit customer service and check to see which ones are included on the sale.  I will update this post when I find out. The sales flyer states "selected .6 - 4 oz", but had no more details. 

Gwaltney Premium Spiral Sliced Ham, honey or brown sugar, whole or half $1.39 lb.
Baker's Joy is 1.99, use .75 q from 11/8 SS = .49
Betty Crocker Potatoes (boxes) $1.00, use .35 q = .30 or use .40 IP: = .25
Pepsi products - 12 pack cans are buy 2 get 3 free.  They are $5.79 ea, which ends up being $2.32 for a 12 pack.
Breyer's Icecream is BOGO at 2.70, use .75 q from 10/18 RP = 1.20
Cool Whip is on sale for $1.00
Bird's Eye Steamfresh veges (select varieties) $1.00, use .50 from 12/6 SS = FREE

That's all for now folks!!!

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